How to bond with your child

Children are reliant on their parents for not just their material needs, but they also need the emotional support of their parents with your child


It is important for the parents to be there for to lend emotional support to their child. It may be very challenging to do if you are already struggling with finances, or taking care of other family members, but lack of emotional support during the formative years of the child’s life has implications for their wellbeing, not just in the moment, but it follows through their adulthood as well.


Emotional neglect can cause various psychological and physical problems in children, that might then require the help of a mental health expert, like those at Kulsum International Hospital.


Hence, it is pertinent that parents work on creating a bond with their children. Some helpful things include:


Eat together

Spending quality time on dinner table is an easy way to bond with your children. Family meals help in setting the precedent that family members need to spend time together.


Eating meals together also has good impact on the emotional and metal growth of the child. During these meals, make sure to connect with your child. Do not pester them but encourage them to talk about their day. Children should know that their parents are concerned about them.


Make sure you know what’s going on in their lives

It is one thing to give your children space, it is another to be completely unaware of what is going on in their lives. During meals, commute, bedtime, make sure to ask after your child’s day.


It is important that you give them a proper ear, otherwise, children will pick on the fact that you are not listening. They will then not respond to you when you inquire into their lives.


A good way to foster connection is by talking to them also about your day, and then hear them talk about theirs.


Hear them out

It is important that you listen to your child. They need to know that they are being heard. Lend support accordingly.


Let them be helpful

You can also improve time together with kids by letting them help around with menial chores. It will not only inculcate the importance of responsibility in the child, but it will also make them feel valued, as naturally, when you contribute towards the house, you feel important.


Helping around the house also makes them more empathetic, as they realize how much effort goes into maintaining the house.


Play with them

You might be too tired to beat your child’s energy but playing with them is an excellent way to forge stronger bonds. You can also make weekends about playing with the family as well.


When you have fun together with your children, it also allows their perception of their parents to improve. They know that their parents are vested in them.


Also, the play does not have to be about sports, you can also introduce them to board games, or some crafts related activities.


Physical affection

You can also bond better with your child by showing them physical affection. Alongside forging better connection, physical affection also helps your child feel loved. So, throw in plenty of cuddles, kisses, and hugs.


Behaviors that are not helpful

Granted it is hard to make time in your busy schedule, but you cannot also neglect your child. There are some behaviors that are not conducive to emotional growth. These include dismissing the child’s feelings, not taking them seriously, not giving them affection, not interacting with the child, not connecting with them or being cordial to them.


Emotional neglect sets them for health issues like anxiety, and depression that then requires the help of the Child specialist then. Neglected children are also then prone to low self-esteem, poor relationship with parents, lack of emotional growth. Hence, be watchful of your conduct Read More

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