How to Choose a Perfect TV Mount?

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Mounting the TV on the wall is an excellent option when you want to save some space. The TV Mount is the best choice if you think to keep the TV away from your children. Along with that, it gives an aesthetic look to the overall décor. However, choosing a suitable TV Mounting is more complicated than it sounds.

TV Mount:  You need some factors into consideration first Have a look at them.


  • Process of Installing a TV Mount: Start TV Mounting bracket mounting to the back of your television screen. Keep in mind the directions provided by the manufacturer for your wall TV wall mounts. Support should be done by firmly tightening the screws but never over-tightening.
  • The ideal location for your TV to Mount: Secondly, it also depends on whether it is a brick wall or a plasterboard wall. Then, there will be different screws and anchors required for other types of walls. TV Mount onto a plasterboard wall will need a stud finder to locate any wall studs.
  • Measure down where the TV Mount ideally is done: Thirdly, use a spirit level to ensure that the mounting is perfectly angled. After that, using a pencil, you can mark the screw holes.
  • How can you place a TV Mount yourself? First, hold the TV mount against the wall and mark the location with the help of a pencil or tape. Remember that it is illegal to wire yourself because you are not a licensed electrician. So contact a professional installer or a licensed electrician for doing this work.

Let us know about the several types of TV Mounts:

There are no more variations of TV mounting types and models. But there are some basic styles of TV wall Mounting available such as:

  • Low-profile TV Mounts: Low-profile TV wall mounts are the easiest to install. Also, it is the lowest-cost type of wall mount. These Mounts can hold heavy TVs. Then, the TV will be parallel to the wall and positioned closely.
  • Tilting TV Mounts: The tilting TV installation is a bit expensive compared to the low-profile Mounts. This TV Installations Service is easy to install. Tilt mounting allows you to adjust the TV vertically and adjust the viewing angle. This is the perfect solution if the TV is to be positioned higher on the wall. Also, you can tilt the TV down to avoid screen glare and reduce reflections.
  • Full motion TV Mount: The full-motion wall mounts offer great flexibility in moving the screen’s position. TV can be angled vertically and horizontally. This type of TV mounting provides the optimal viewing angle. You can move the TV horizontally and also move the TV away from the wall. Furthermore, you can pull the TV closer by moving it to you.
  • Ceiling TV Mount: Ceiling Mounts offer the best solution if you have no free wall space. The Mounts are mounted on the ceiling then the TV hangs from it. This type of TV wall Mounting enables the screen to be easily adjustable and moveable around 360-degree horizontally.

Some Important points for consideration before choosing a TV Mount

  • You should know whether your wall can support a TV Mounting or not. Before choosing a TV mounting, you should examine the space where you want to install it.
  • The TV Mounts are designed to fit a specific type of TV, and the weight and size matter. If the space can only support a 33-inch TV, you should never try to fit a 44-inch one. Eventually, it can fall.

Before choosing TV Mounts, you should read the TVs specifications and then buy a wall TV mounting that can support the weight and the size of the TV.


It is time to secure your TV by using TV Mounts. All the information about the types of TV wall mount and the knowledge of your wall space makes you decide what you have to choose. By knowing all the factors, you can now select the perfect TV wall mount for your TV safety.

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