How To Choose the Right CPU for Your Gaming Machine

If you are like any other gamer in the world, you know that the right CPU for your gaming machine is just as important as graphics and performance power. In some instances, the right CPU is even more critical, especially if every other component in your gaming machine is working properly.

You also cannot just buy any CPU hoping for it to magically fix any problems: every PC is different. Specifically, how many cores you need, upgradability, and how much you can afford to spend on the hardware are all important. Here are some guidelines for choosing the perfect processor to suit your gaming needs

Understanding CPU Cores

The core is just another processor within a processor. A CPU is made up of anywhere from two to 32 cores. For most gaming machines you will need at least four cores. Depending on your game choice you might need to go up to 16 or more cores. 

The thing to remember is, even if you have tons of cores, if the clocking speed is slow, you won’t be able to do much with that machine. With a higher clock speed, you may not need as many cores. The first thing is understanding your gaming needs and then looking at the minimum recommended specifications from the developers. Don’t waste money on a CPU with 32 cores if a cost-effective unit of eight cores works just fine.

Intel vs AMD CPUs

Intel and AMD have long been competitors in the gaming field.  There really isn’t an exact science here, and the choice is mostly individual. 

The major thing to consider is that you should go for the latest generation CPU. When it comes to AMD or Intel for gaming there is no one right choice and it will largely depend on your gaming habits.

Future Upgrades and Improvements

Signs that you need to upgrade your CPU include your games not running as smoothly or being unable to get a new game to play. The graphics card is normally the first thing that people look into buying but the CPU goes hand in hand to give you better performance and speeds. 

Just remember that your graphics card and CPU are tied to certain motherboards. What this means is that you might have to replace the motherboard as well if the new CPU doesn’t fit. Make sure to check with the distributor or manufacturer to make sure that your new processor is going to slot in and is compatible with the board. 

Whether you are building a brand new gaming machine, or you are just upgrading your current one, the right CPU can improve overall performance and make a huge impact on your gaming experience. “Keep these points in mind for when you start shopping for your new chipset”. 

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