How to design the perfect custom acrylic sign for your business

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Acrylic signs are great for commercial signage, being durable and lightweight. They’re not only the safest option when it comes to acrylic signs, but they are also among the most versatile. You can create acrylic signs in any shape or size you want to suit your business needs. Custom acrylic signs are popular since they are scalable, making them perfect for small businesses wanting to expand their clientele. If your company has a large number of employees then acrylic signs will allow you to display all names without breaking the bank with multiple wall-sized signage that takes up too much room in place anyways!

If you’re in need of custom acrylic signs but aren’t sure how to go about designing one yourself there is no need to fear. Advertising Signs works with designers who can transform your ideas into acrylic signage for any business application. We work with businesses all over to help them beautify their offices, retail outlets, and more.

First, you should do some research on acrylic signs so that you know what else is out there before committing yourself. There are several different acrylic sign types available at varying price points which give you a choice depending on your budget.

The most popular acrylic business signs are listed below:

Standard Acrylic Signs

This type of custom acrylic signage is perfect for general use by corporations everywhere because they are fade-resistant and weatherproof. They are made from lightweight acrylic sheets making them easy to transport if necessary too! These acrylic signs can be polished or fluted for different effects but mostly remain clear.

Custom Acrylic Signs

This acrylic signage is made from acrylic sheets that are polished on both sides of the acrylic sheet for a non-distorted view. They are perfect if your company requires different angles or want to use the acrylic sign in some way during production of new displays, exhibitions and more. They give you better visibility than most acrylic signage because they don’t distort images like fluted acrylic signs do which can be an issue when using them in multiples. The clarity on this type of acrylic sign makes it very popular with businesses all over!

LED Acrylic Signs

These types of LED acrylic signage give off vivid colors that last forever without draining on the resources needed to power them making them eco-friendly acrylic signage. These signs are also easy to transport from one location to another, not requiring a lot of manpower or time to install them. The acrylic sign letters can be changed by using a remote control device making it easier for companies with multiple locations!

Custom Acrylic Letter Signs

These acrylic letter signs are custom cut acrylic sheets that have individual acrylic letters adhered on it which is great for branding your company name quickly and easily. They are perfect if you’re looking for acrylic signage without the branding because once they are set up you can leave them as they are. If you choose to change the acrylic letters for other words this isn’t too difficult either but it’s best if done by professionals who know what they’re doing! This type of acrylic signs can be used anywhere, including on acrylic wall signs.

Corporate Acrylic Signs

These acrylic sign graphics are a glossy acrylic sheet with a black vinyl background that is perfect for high-impact signage. The acrylic sign letters have a 3-D effect that stands out from the acrylic sign itself making it pop! They’re great to use in lobbies and other areas where you need acrylic lettering to capture the attention of visitors immediately. These acrylic business signs are ultra-durable and offer an extremely professional look which makes them ideal for retail outlets, hotels, and any company seeking to present them as luxurious or stylish!


If acrylic sign graphics are what you need, Advertising Signs can hook you up! We have acrylic signs for all types of companies who use them to broadcast their branding, corporate logos, and more. There really is a wide spectrum when it comes to acrylic signage designs that will complement your office or retail outlets in any way possible offering options for both indoor and outdoor.

Advertising Signs offers acrylic sign design services at a price you can afford whether you need acrylic lettering to advertise your business or simply want to brag about it with acrylic sign graphics. Contact us today for a free quote and find out just how affordable acrylic signage can be!

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