How to Dress To Catch Any Man’s Attention  

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So you might have thought that as a woman, you can wear Man’s Attention and a man will swoon. Well, in some ways you would be right. But if you’re trying to dress to catch a mans attention, especially a particular type of man, you should understand how to use your style to your advantage.

Yes, men are very likely to notice your physical attributes. But if you are trying to be subtle and stylish our tips around how to dress to capture a mans attention will help you look and feel great. And you never know who you might meet!

Office chic

Every guy likes a well dressed office woman. So using some office styling can be a great way to get a mans attention when you dress. This doesn’t mean you need to wear a suit, but a nice shirt paired with a smart jacket can be a real head turner. Wear your hair up in a bun and pair with glasses for that sultry secretary look and you’ll be onto a winner.

A floaty summer dress

Every man’s heart flutters when a pretty girl in a summer dress walks past. No matter the season, you can capture that mans attention with a summer dress – or at least that style of outfit. In the summer, it’s easy, find a light cotton dress which flutters in the breeze, pair with some stylish shoes and you’re onto a winner. In the cooler months, pairing the same dress with tights, stockings or leggings is just as eye catching. Throw over a leather jacket if it’s gets very cold and he’ll be melting in your hands.

Heels are still a winner

What girl doesn’t own at least a few pairs of heels. Even though high heels have fallen slightly out of fashion in recent years, they are still a guaranteed eye catcher. In fact, if you’re trying to catch any mans attention with your style, a pair of mid-height heels will do the trick. You don’t have to wear stilettos, although this will be a winner too. But some patent black peep toe heels will have him weak at the knees. Guaranteed!

Rock chick chic

What’s cooler than a rock chick? You know, lazily styled bed hair, a leather jacket and ripped jeans. Guys love a bad girl, and if you want to convey a bit of sass and attitude, look to rock icons like Courtney Love, Sora Choi and even the modern style Miley Cyrus. Add in black lipstick and eyeliner, chunky boots, or overknee boots, leather skirts and lots of cool jewelery for that too cool for school vibe. The rock chick look works great if you’re trying to dress sexy during the winter too!


You can thank Kim Kardashian and her clan for this next style. You know exactly what this style is like… Think daring dresses, possibly wet-look and definitely tight on the curves. Think Man’s Attention, pumped up lips and perfectly coiffed hair. Think Saturday night girl on the town in Las Vegas or London. Think pouting selfies and painted on outfits. OK, this style isn’t for everyone, and depending where you are in the world it might also be the height of too-muchery. But there is no doubt that guys love this look and if you wanna get some attention, go glam!

Girl next door

If glam ain’t your thing, don’t worry. The girl next door style is still a great way to catch a man’s attention. What even is the girl next door style? Well, this usually means a very casual outfit such as jeans and a t-shirt, or a dress with a cardigan. How does this get sexy? Adding a dash of makeup, especially eyeshadow or mascara, will knock him off his feet. Skip the bra to test his ability to maintain eye contact, and pair the whole outfit with some heels or block heeled sandals.

The bottom line

There are many styles that you can use to dress to capture a man’s attention. Whatever your body type, style and ethnicity, there is one thing that you will need to really wear and that is…


This can be hard to find sometimes, as you can’t buy it in a shop. But a good outfit can definitely improve your confidence. Dress in clothes that fit you well, flaunt your best assets (every girl has good assets!) and be proud of who you are. And go get that guy Learn More

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