How to Fix a Crack in a Cast Iron Bathtub?

As soon as possible, cracks in the cast iron bathtub drain should be fixed. Water may get through these gaps and into the ground below. If mold isn’t taken care of, it could become a big problem. As a good thing, you don’t need to call a plumber to fix this.

Cost of Fixing cast iron bathtub Bathtub Cracks

Your repair costs may differ depending on whether you do it yourself or hire a plumber. Because you only need to buy a bathtub repair kit for a do-it-yourself project, it will cost less. Fixing a crack in a cast-iron bathtub is as simple as filling it in. Installing a new liner or refinishing the tub isn’t necessary. Even though the patch might be noticeable, it is still a better option than spending a lot of money to remodel the bathroom.

To figure out the cost of fixing your cast iron bathtub, there are many things to think about, like how bad the damage is and whether you want to fix it yourself or hire a professional. When drying time for the paint is factored in, this job will take around five hours. A repair kit for a cast iron bathtub can be bought online or at a home improvement store for an average price of about $ 20.

Several kits are available for use with fiberglass, acrylic, and enamel bathtubs (cast iron or steel). Watch everything at all times. As a general rule, it’s best to leave the work of experts to people who are good at their job. So, they’ll be happy to point out things that you might not have thought of that could end up costing you more.

How to Fix a Cracked cast iron bathtub

You must do the job right if you decide to fix a cracked cast iron bathtub on your own. Otherwise, you won’t be happy with the result. Please follow these rules.

Buy the correct kit.

However, even though most cast iron bathtub repair kits can be used to fix damage to almost any material, some have been made for a specific material. Find out what kind of bathtub you have first. Many things make it hard to distinguish between acrylic and fiberglass bathtubs.

Because acrylic tubs are less thick than fiberglass tubs, they are lighter, but they are also warmer and have a smoother surface.

Fiberglass is often used to support cast iron bathtubs, so be careful not to overdo it with the support. Ensure you get the right colour and the correct type of bathtub material for the kit. If you don’t want your tub to look weird, don’t put any patches on it.

Clean the Bathtub

Make sure you pay close attention when you clean the rest of the tub. Get rid of soap, dirt, and any other dirt with a powerful cleaner. You’ll need to sand the area around the crack or dent to eliminate the loose particles. The two of you will have a good relationship when you do this.

Fill the Crack

The epoxy bathtub crack filler comes with detailed instructions on mixing and applying it. Ensure you have the right amount and consistency of sealant for your tub crack, Ensure you’ve read and understood the instructions thoroughly before beginning any project. A two-part epoxy filler can be mixed in a tray with a small stick and then used to fill in a hole.

It helps put the tray on cardboard or paper towels to keep the filler from spilling all over. The filler may be able to fill in gaps with small amounts. You don’t have to use a spoon to add extra fillers like you used to. When the filler is dry, you can start the next step.

Sand and Paint the Tub

When the filler is dry, use fine sandpaper for sanding it down and making it look even. Use a wine bottle to soak a cotton swab to get rid of any last little bits of sand. When it is dry, you can move on.

The area around the tub should be painted with a small brush that you just fixed. Before adding a second layer, wait for the first one to dry. If you need to, use a buffer to make the tub’s surface even.

How to Prevent cast iron bathtub Cracks

When it comes to preventing cast iron bathtub cracks, the best thing to do is the opposite. When you drop a bottle of wine into the tub by accident, you can’t do anything about some of these things, but you can do something about other things. Before doing anything else, make sure that the new cast iron bathtub is correctly put in place. If the tub holds its weight evenly, it must be placed on a level and level surface.

All tubs can bear the weight of a full bath if they are built correctly. When you clean the tub, keep in mind is not to use abrasive cleaners. It’s both powerful and gentle. To clean your bathtub, you can use vinegar and baking soda to do the job. These are two great ways to clean for people who have a bathtub and a septic system. If you have a fiberglass tub, don’t sit on the tub’s edge or carry heavy things around.

Over time, hair follicles break, and the tub may burst because of this swelling and breaking down. There are some things you should do if you have young children. Make sure they don’t take their toys to the bathroom with them. Because kids keep hitting their toys against them, some bathtubs are more likely to break.


People who have a cast iron bathtub can’t do all of the steps very quickly, but they can try their best to do so even if you have the assistance of another person. It’s also a good idea to watch a few movies that show how to do the repairs to see for yourself how easy it is to do them yourself.

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