How to get from Dubai to Oman by land

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Today I wanted to tell you how to go from Dubai to Oman by land , crossing the border in a bus. You will see how it is simpler and safer than it may seem.

Before traveling from Dubai to Oman, we were looking for flights to its capital, but when we combined with Sri Lanka, we honestly did not get a very good price and we were not convinced by the flight since it was not very feasible due to the hours. Well, what I did was look for an alternative to Muscat and it was clear that Dubai is very close.

After seeing that the flight to Dubai went much better and above all direct from Barcelona I inquired to see how we could get to Oman. One of the options was to take a flight from Dubai to Muscat but for such a short flight it was quite expensive (€ 70 / person one way) And the other option was to cross by land. 


To buy the bus ticket to go from Dubai to Muscat it is not necessary to do it in advance. We buy it the day we arrive in Dubai and only 2 hours in advance.

The office of the capital of the emirates is located in the DEIRA area and honestly at first glance it does not seem very serious since it is very small but this is the place where you buy the ticket. First in the morning there was a guy who told us that there were tickets for the night but that we should come 2 hours in advance. At night the managers who took care of selling us the tickets were there. If you don’t want to hustle for buying tickets, waiting for bus time and then a slow journey, you can rent a car for family, hire ferrari Dubai or any sports car to have extraordinary travel experience, but you have to check for weather, choose day or night journey


Here we had a bit of a mess because a person from there got us a bit involved. We arrived in Dubai early in the morning and wanted to go to the MWASALAT office to buy the night bus ticket. I had the point where the office was located but making sure we asked once we got off at the DEIRA CITY CENTER metro station and they pointed us the other way … I was surprised but of course one trusts if a person who lives there tells them that they are the wrong truth? Well, this teaches you and ensures that this is not always the case.

We went to the other end! All this with the backpacks and the fucking heat of the Middle East … We went into a hotel to ask for Wi-Fi and thus search well and obviously I was right. We ordered a taxi to avoid stumbling around and he dropped us off at the office.

The steps to follow would be:

Metro from Dubai Airport Terminal 3 to Deira City Center Station. There are 3 stops

From Deira City Center metro station, walkabout 800 meters to the Oman National Transport Office. Mwasalat Office.


The duration of the journey is between 5 and 6 hours , it all depends on the time it takes at customs but I already tell you that less than 6 hours you will not be there and also you hardly sleep because just when you have been on the way for 2 hours the procedures begin from the border and when it ends, you have the last 2 hours on the way … So you don’t have much rest. Also say that the buses are quite new, they have air conditioning but there is no food that is worth it, so take something for the road or simply eat before going up. Your important belongings take them with yourselves.

To return from Muscat to Dubai (in the case that you have to return to the United Arab Emirates) it will be to do the same operation but the bus is taken here (I leave you the exact point of the  MUSCAT MWASALAT OFFICE here above. The good thing is that it is close by from the airport, so when we left our rental car (which was a shame) at the airport office, we took a taxi to Mwasalat and it took about 10 or 15 min. 

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