How to Install Nest Outdoor Camera?

The Nest outdoor camera is a very unique security tool these days. As everything is growing large in the world, people are also very concerned about the security of their homes and other properties. Therefore, technology has also been used to help design smart surveillance cameras that allows us to keep an eye on our properties even when we are far away from them. If you need help in installing Nest outdoor camera, you will get the full detail here. So follow the step by step instruction to ensure a successful installation of your Nest outdoor camera. Begin by getting all the tools and information ready. 

What you need for Nest Cam Outdoor Installation

  • First, ensure that you keep all the tools that have come with the package you have received because you will need them to complete the setup and mounting as well. 
  • Find an active power outlet
  • A strong Wifi or internet connection
  • A smartphone (whether android or iOS)
  • And lastly, you need a Nest account

A Complete Nest Camera Installation Setup Guide 

Before you go outside, you have to begin by switching on your Nest camera in the house so that you can get everything done. 

  • First, you have to connect the power adapter to the Nest camera and then attach the USB connector to it. 
  • Next, plug in the power adapter into an electric outlet and a blue light will be displayed indicating that the camera is on. 
  • The next stage for the nest outdoor camera install is to download the Nest App from either the Play Store or the Apple store. Once you have downloaded the app, launch it. 
  • If you have a Nest cam account, you can skip this and the next step. Select “Sign up”. Go ahead to create a nest account 
  • Next, select “Add” and choose Nest Cam. Once you select your Nest cam, you can follow the onscreen instructions to complete the short camera addition process. 
  • Note that if you have a Nest cam account already, select the “Settings” icon that is right on the app home screen. Go ahead and select “Add Product”. Select your Nest camera and follow the remaining instructions to add your Nest cam.

Setting up the nest cam outdoor installation outside 

  • Furthermore, it is time to take the camera outside. By now you must have successfully added the Nest camera to the Nest cam app where your Nest account is. Afterwards, you have to disconnect the Nest camera from the power outlet and take it outside. 
  • There should be a power outlet where you want to mount the camera. So go ahead and plug in your Nest camera into the power outlet. Hold on for sometime to see the green light. 
  • Subsequently, your Nest camera will automatically reconnect itself to your home Wifi so you have to wait for some time for this to stabilize. Ensure that you do not unplug the camera until you have finished with the nest cam outdoor installation. 
  • In addition, ensure that whatever spot you have picked to mount the nest camera, it can still receive a very good Wifi signal. In further confirmation of the position of the nest camera, put the camera in that spot and then go ahead to view the recording from your Nest App. This will help you to make the necessary adjustments. If you are unable to view anything, it means that the camera is quite far from your home Wifi. 
  • Finally, ensure that you keep moving the camera until you are able to have a consistent and clear view of what your Nest camera is capturing. 

Mounting tips for Nest Outdoor Camera Install

All the mounting tools that came with the Nest camera package will be needed for the mounting section. Before you begin this process, you should know that this will require a lot of physical strength. So if you are not able to go through with this, you can use the services of a Nest camera technician. 

  • The next step is to position the mounting magnet but first, you have to drill pilot holes into the wall, screw in the wall plate then you can fix the magnet into the wall plate. 
  • Afterward, position the Nest camera into the magnet and turn it to your favorite direction. You can do that with the help of the view from the Nest App. 
  • Next, you have to install the power adapter. Before installing, put in mind the distance from the ground, consider the power outlet, and ensure that you leave some slack on both ends of the cable. 
  • Once you have done all that, now, screw the power adapter plate into the wall then, fix the power adapter into the wall plate to secure it.
  • And lastly, position the callable in the wall with a screw. 

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