How to Make Notes in the Newspaper for UPSC?

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There are various sources of information such as news channels, magazines, editorials, and newspapers are among the best sources of information to keep up-to-date with the current affairs for the IAS exam preparation. It is helpful for all three phases of the UPSC IAS exam: the Prelims, Mains, and the Interview. 

A newspaper plays a vital role in the UPSC exam as it is the best source of information for learning about current happenings and keeping up with the current events of national and international importance. For the current affairs of society for UPSC, it is strongly advised to watch the news on television and online, read newspapers, as they are readily available. 

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The primary source of knowledge for a sound understanding will help the aspirant to clear exams easily. Newspapers offer an extensive range and a complete understanding of all concepts that are super important in preparing for the IAS exam. Prepare a timetable for UPSC preparation and the journey will be easy.

How to Read the Newspaper while Preparing for the Exam?

Aspirants experience difficulties with reading the newspaper, and because of that, a lot of time gets wasted in using various methods for reading a newspaper and making good notes. But, it is known that just reading newspapers is not enough because the information that the human brain collects is volatile. In addition, the information being read gets all over the place, and it can be seen in the answer writing. Also, in the interview stage, clarity and quick thinking are necessary to affect the board members.

Thus, it is essential to make simple notes and can be used for revision from a newspaper. You can follow the below-mentioned steps to make notes of the newspaper for UPSC.

Tips of Read Newspaper

1. First and foremost, it is essential to get a copy of the syllabus and check it thoroughly. After this, you will be able to connect the topics of the news with the syllabus. Because of this, it would be easy to find the news and make notes.

2. There is no need to read the whole newspaper. Read the topics which are helpful and need to be studied for the exam. Many aspirants have these questions such as What should we read and what should we avoid? So, it would be advised to check the syllabus and last year’s question papers time after time, which will offer a clear understanding of which sections are important and need to be studied for the exam.

3. Divide the newspaper sections into subject groups such as ecology, economics, environment, geography, science, and technology as in that way you can revise topics quickly.

4. The science and technology section of the newspaper is necessary as it offers the latest technologies and research. 

5. Make notes from a newspaper in your own words. Furthermore, also write the important data which is required for the exam such as dates, facts.

6. The editorials section of the newspaper is significant because it comprises the latest information concerning politics, geographical issues, elections, government schemes, conflicts, weather reports, and you can use that in making notes of current happenings for the UPSC exam.

7. Make a habit of reading the newspaper regularly in the preparation process because it will be helpful in the thought-process, expanding knowledge, and having a perspective and various ways of thinking ways. 

Best newspapers for UPSC Exam

Many people have questions about which is the best newspaper for UPSC preparation. So, here is the complete list of newspapers for UPSC preparation. 

1. The Hindu

2. Business Standard

3. The Indian Express

4. Dainik Jagran

5. Dainik Bhaskar

6. Navbharat times

Important Things to Remember

  • Keep an eye on problems that are of national and international importance. 
  • You must have an idea of the political issues which are concerned with the Indian Constitution and Public Administration. 
  • Regularly see the socio-economic issues such as women empowerment, education or health-related problems, Issues, and policies that affect poor people.
  • Keep an eye on the decisions of the Supreme Court or High Court.  

Final Word

So, to wrap this discussion, I hope that this article was helpful to you. Now you must know ‘How to Make Notes in the Newspaper for UPSC.’

This list of newspapers can be used to prepare for the UPSC exam. You can access these newspaper all over the country. Keep up with the daily news and read important current news, government policies, elections. Give your 100% in the exam to make it a success. All the best!

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