How To Make Your First Summer 2022 Off-Roading Trip More Comfortable

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Off-roading is all about endurance, and not just vehicle endurance. It can be rough riding over terrain with no established roads, so you will want to make sure you have the upgrades to navigate in comfort. There is no sense wearing yourself down early in an adventure, after all.

Comfort while you are out exploring largely means having the right combination of suspension, rim, and tire upgrades for the terrain you want to tackle. Comfort at camp, on the other hand, means knowing how to invest in the kind of sleeping arrangements, food preparation gear, and other essentials that make the end of your day a lot easier.

Rim & Tire Check

Before heading off-road, you need to make sure your tires can handle the trip. Rims can also be damaged by rough overlanding, so make sure the whole wheel looks good. If you’re prepping a new vehicle for the field this year, consider changing the tire and rim sizes and a lift kit. These essentials allow you to get some height, and the additional ability to chew up rough terrain that comes with an upgrade to something like 37-inch tires cannot be over-emphasized.

Sleeping Accommodations

A big part of comfort when you go off-road is preparation. A bigger part is your investment in that comfort. There are a lot of ways to sleep out, but if you want a convenient setup, safety, and a great view, you need to consider a CVT tent. Rooftop tents keep you up off the ground, allowing you to get the best view possible and to rest without worrying about finding the perfect stretch of ground to pitch a tent on.

Of course, a rooftop tent is not the only option. Hammock stakes allow you to sleep under the stars in comfort during the warm months. Just hook up to a well-placed stake and your vehicle to enjoy your new sleeping arrangements. Pickup drivers will also find camper shells for classic models, and there are countless other mod options. The benefit to something like a rooftop tent is the low entry cost and convenient setup, however, and that makes it very attractive to people who need a new field sleeping situation with some serious creature comforts.

Suspension Maintenance and Upgrades

It’s never a bad time to remind new off-roading enthusiasts that a lift kit is considered essential if you are going anywhere with serious overlanding intent. You may be able to handle sandy service roads and established trails with a stock setup, but serious off-road exploration requires serious performance upgrades. That means performance shock absorbers and other suspension components as well as your lift and wheel upgrades.

For those with established builds, the beginning of the season is a good time to evaluate the condition of all your performance parts. Just as you inspected the rims and tires, you’ll want to check out the brakes and suspension components like your shocks. Is it time to order new King Coilovers for the upcoming season? You have to look to know for sure Read more

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