How to Move books during a house move?

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Many people consider books to be their most valuable treasure. Individuals worry about their books during a move. Companies also take extra care of these valuables when moving addresses change.

Many people and businesses feel anxious about moving. It is important to ensure the book’s physical integrity during a move. Our books can be exposed to danger from the hustle and bustle of moving, stranger handling, and stacking of boxes.

We recommend following the right steps during, after, and before the move. It is important to ensure the health of your books. These tips will ensure your books arrive at their destination safely.


Tips for moving books in a move


Keep them dry

Books are particularly sensitive to humidity and water. Unfortunate events can occur in a move: Rain, liquid spillage, and environmental humidity can irreparably harm a book.

There are many ways to protect books from moisture. It is important that moisture and water cannot penetrate the book’s paper.

The transparent film is a great idea that won’t cost more than a few euros. The transparent film you use to wrap food in your kitchen. You can easily find this material at any supermarket. You can wrap the entire book on paper and cover it completely.


Make a hard coat

Books with special covers, which can be damaged during the move, should be grouped. You should check with your Residential Moving Company to see if there are special boxes that can be used for this type of book.

You can make a corner guard with very little effort and manual dexterity. Cut four triangles from a piece of stiff cardboard so they cover the top and bottom corners. Join the corners using plastic wrap or masking tape.


Boxes with dividers

Your moving company will be able to recommend the best options. These boxes have internal book dividers that allow books to stay in place.

It is possible to build it if you have the time and patience. Make sure you have enough space to store your books in the box. Separate the books with strong cardboard dividers or Styrofoam sheets. A towel, old t-shirt, or towel can also be used.


Avoid abuse

Books are often arranged in rectangular or square dimensions. Many books can fit into a regular-sized box because of their geometry. It is a common practice to stack as many books in one box as possible.

The weight of the book may be too heavy to lift and carry. This is a common problem when transporting books. Combine thick books with lighter ones in small boxes. Do not place heavy books in one box.


Do not leave any empty spaces

Books can be damaged or lost by being packed in too-small boxes. In extreme cases, this can cause pages, spine, and cover to crack.

This problem can be solved by filling all spaces to ensure that each book is included. Ideal options are Styrofoam beads and Styrofoam parts. We can make use of every gap to save space in other boxes.

Ideal for socks, t-shirts, and kitchen towels are light fabrics. Be sure to not exceed the weight of the book and that the fillings are not damaged.


Do not stack the boxes

It is not a good idea to stack full boxes for too long. Too long stacking can lead to books falling apart. This is a common occurrence in a truck or van. However, it is important to avoid doing this too early.

You can take advantage of this opportunity and dispose of old papers, documents, and donate books you don’t use anymore. Be sure to dispose of it in a paper or cardboard container. However, you should always reuse as much as possible.

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