How to Ollie on a Fingerboard: Easy Steps To Follow

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Are you a professional fingerboard player? Have you ever wondered what more tricks you can do on a fingerboard? The most exciting trick you can do on a fingerboard is the Ollie. It is a trick that happens by applying pressure on the tail of the fingerboard with your back finger for an amazing pop. It can be done by using either two fingers or three fingers. It is a pretty incredible trick that can be used to impress your friends and family. 

Ollie With 2 Fingers

To be able to do a perfect ollie fingerboarding, then you must follow the given below steps:

Step 1- Finger Placement

Place your back finger (middle finger) on the tail edge of the fingerboard. And place your front finger (pointer finger in the middle of the fingerboard. Each individual has a front finger of different sizes and shapes. Therefore, try to position your finger directly in the middle of the fingerboard. Furthermore, adjust your placement to where you feel the most comfortable. 

Step 2- Popping the Board

After placing the fingers, the next thing you want to do is board forward to do an ollie, but it’s preferred to practice the trick without doing any forward movement first. In order to pop the fingerboard upward, first, pop the board tail down with the help of your back finger. In this way, the fingerboard will pop up in the air.

Step 3- Keep your Fingers on Board.

As there are no spins or rotations involved while doing an ollie, you should constantly keep your fingers on the fingerboard. The fingerboard will move upward on its own when you initially pop down on the tail and guide the fingerboard while controlling it with your fingers. After that, the fingerboard will be pointing upward or 90 degrees. First, however, you should guide the fingerboard in the air to land it on all four wheels. 

Step 4: Landing 

Keep your custom fingerboard controlled and land it on all of its four wheels. You don’t have to catch the fingerboard as both of your fingers will remain on the fingerboard this whole time. 

Ollie With Three Fingers

  • To do an ollie with three fingers, you have to use your ring finger, middle finger, and index finger.
  • Keep the fingerboard on the floor, and then put your middle finger behind the fingerboard and index finger at the back.
  • Now, put your ring finger at the back of the fingerboard.
  •  Now press down on all three fingers separately and see what happens to your skateboard toys tech deck.
  • Punch at the back of the fingerboard and then your ring finger to punch on the tail and push the fingerboard forward. 
  • Always remember, fingers should be on the board every time.
  • After doing this, the board will automatically go up in the air and move forward when you punch the board’s tail with your ring finger.
  • Now, with the help of all three fingers, land the fingerboard by going forward.
  • In the end, ride the fingerboard after it lands.

Tips and Tricks for Practicing the Movement Of the Ollie

  • Using, Edge, Leg, or Arm of the Table

In order to practice the all-over movement of the trick-Ollie, then try using your leg or arm or edge of the table. From this, you can pop the board backward by letting the fingerboard rest upside-down horizontally. In this way, you can bring the fingerboard upwards for air with ease.  

  • Rollback

The other trick you can do to get more air is doing a rollback when you pop up the board while trying the Olie trick. It is a great trick as when you roll backward, it gives extra force for the pop, thus helping the fingerboard vertically, making it easier for air.


The Ollie is just the beginning of more advanced fingerbaording games. Start with a simple oille, and afterward, you can make it more and more challenging. For instance, you can try rolling the board while doing the ollie trick. Learning ollie tricks can be real fun as while you might need more time to learn other advanced tricks, you can always do Ollie easily by changing the surface or putting an obstacle. Furthermore, you can customize your fingerboard at your convenience Read more

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