How to remove duplicate photo from Windows PC

If you are facing issues while finding duplicate photo from your storage devices like mobile phones, laptops, and computers. One of the most prominent reasons can be duplicate photos which lead to disk crashes, slows down the speed of your PC, and fill up disk space. You need to delete duplicate images to resolve this problem.

If you try to delete dupes manually, then it might become an irritating problem. So, you can find and remove duplicate photos automatically using competent software.

Now you don’t need to wander here and there on the web to get the best duplicate photo finder and remover software. Read this article to get the best deduplication tools found by us.

Ways to Remove Duplicate Photo from Windows 10

Here are some of the best tools that help you to get rid of duplicate photos from your Windows PC.

1. Best Duplicate Photo Finder

Best Duplicate Photo Finder is one of your top recommendations to remove duplicate photos from Windows PC. It allows you to use search options to remove a group of dupes. The below-listed features help to understand this program in detail.

Striking Features of the Tool

  • It provides a wide range of options to detect similar photos.
  • You can preview the duplicate photo before deleting permanently.
  • With the help of this tool, you can run all the services of your PC.
  • This software can boost up the speed of your PC.

Pros of the tool

  • The scanning speed is quite higher than others.
  • Compatible with all the latest versions of Windows.
  • It provides an ample amount of disk space.

Cons of the tool

  • You cannot use this tool with older versions of Windows.

2. PictureEcho

Let’s talk about another best duplicate photo remover software that is packed with the most powerful algorithms to detect duplicate or similar photos in one go. To know more about this tool, you need to go through the features listed below.

Striking Features of the Tool

  • It helps you to delete similar photos permanently, and shift them to the secure folder.
  • You can make an automated selection of duplicates.
  • This software allows you to find edited or resized pictures too.
  • You can remove all the empty folders in one go.

Pros of the tool

  • It works with all types of files.
  • Low-quality outputs can be removed easily.
  • Supports the latest versions of Windows.
  • Allows you to preview duplicates before deleting them.
  • Supports time-based scans.

Cons of the tool

  • Finds duplicates at a very slow speed.
  • Beginners cannot use this tool with ease.
  • Does not support old operating systems.
  • Consumes a lot of resources as compared to other software.

3. Glary Duplicate Cleaner

Here comes another best tool to detect and remove duplicate photos named Glary Duplicate Cleaner. It is one of the most lightweight software with a lot of filters. To understand better about this program, you can check the features listed below.

Striking Features of the Tool

  • It offers you a lot of filters like content, size, and file type to inspect similar photos.
  • You can skip the dupes, which you don’t want to scan.
  • With the help of recycle bin, you can easily regain the duplicate files.

Pros of the tool

  • Easy-to-use.
  • Provides an opportunity to scan all types of dupes.
  • An ample number of custom modes are available.
  • Uses advanced technology to remove files.

Cons of the tool

  • Zero availability of advanced features and options.
  • Do not detect duplicate photos in bulk.
  • Takes a lot of time while install this software.
  • No proper response was provided to the customers.

4. Visual Similarity Duplicate Image Finder

Here’s come another finest duplicate photo remover tool named Visual Similarity Duplicate Image Finder. It uses advanced settings to view duplicate images even if they are flipped or rotated. To comprehend more about this software, you can read the features given below.

Striking Features of the Tool

  • This software allows you to make use of a lot of methods like Hah File, Visual Comparison, EXIF Data, and File Size to detect duplicate photos.
  • With the help of this tool, you can adjust the similarity threshold, precision, and various other filters.
  • It offers complete access to the scanning process.

Pros of the tool

  • Simple User Interface.
  • It removes duplicate images quickly.
  • After scanning the dupes, you can turn off the PC.
  • Compatible with more than 100 types of file formats.

Cons of the tool

  • Not so easy for novice users.
  • This tool works slowly as compared to Quick Photo Finder.
  • Provides very few features.

5. Duplicate Photo Cleaner by Duckhead Software

Here comes another best deduplication software. Duplicate Photo Cleaner by Duckhead Software uses smart algorithms to scan and detect similar photos from your storage device. It chooses images in a way that enables you to make an enlightened decision. To learn about this tool in-depth, you need to go through the features listed below.

Striking Features of the Tool

  • Its interface is cool and straightforward.
  • It helps you to find and remove dupes in one go.
  • This tool transfers the duplicate photos to recycle bin so that you can restore them.
  • It is compatible with pictures and videos to find similar images.

Pros of the tool

  • Compatible with multiple formats.
  • Elevates the performance of the PC.
  • It helps you to run the drag and drop option simply.
  • Provides filters to backup files.
  • Customization of search filters.
  • It takes fast and suitable actions.

Cons of the tool

  • Not so worthy as compared to Quick Photo Finder.
  • Not works well with cloud services.
  • It contains very less amount of features.

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Final Words for Removing Duplicate Photo from Windows PC

The above-mentioned tools help you to remove duplicate photos from Windows PC. You can try them one by one and select the best alternative as per the requirement of your computer. In case you get a better solution than this, please mention it in the comment section.

Hope you enjoyed it. We will be back soon with another post.

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