How to ride a ROAN minibike

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At Motos Apollo  we leave nothing to chance and that’s why we want to help you ride a minibike . From this blog  we offer you advice, news, novelties and  tutorials  like this one, in which we show you how easy and fast it is to assemble your ROAN minimoto. On our YouTube channel you will see this and other videos in which we show you how to ride a minimoto , miniquad, pit bike or minicross. In addition, we have live demos of our products so you can see them in action. 

Tips for riding a mini motorcycle

In this case we have taken the ROAN 803 Minicross tutorial as an example .  Although it is compatible with any 49cc minimoto or minicross. All ROAN vehicles leave perfectly packed in their box and with their corresponding protections. Therefore, the first thing we must do is unpack the product and check the contents of the box. In this particular model , the front wheel, the fender, the number plate, the tools and a bottle for mixing gasoline and oil come loose. Once unpacked, the process of building a minibike really begins . We raised the minicross to a support to be able to work with it safely. Now comes the most “complicated” part , where we proceed to place the handlebar and adjust it. Next we place the front fender , with the nuts and bolts included in the box. Then we continue with the assembly with the front wheel . In the video you can see that it is a very simple process and that it will not take much time. Once the wheel is on, we adjust and test the brakes on the minicross to make sure it’s ready to go. Finally, we place the number holder and fix the cables so that they do not bother when driving. We can now lower the minibike to finish the assembly process. At this point we only have to adjust the shock absorber that comes folded. As you can see, riding a minibike is not complicated or laborious at all. Still, at Motos Apollo we wanted to make these explanatory videos because a picture is worth a thousand words.

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