How to Score More in Fantasy Cricket Leagues

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With the online gaming space booming in India, the question on many lips, especially with the season in full swing, is: how to play fantasy cricket? Choosing an easy-to-use and trustworthy app like Howzat is just the first step. But once you’ve become familiar with the rules of the game and registered a team, how do you take the next step? How can you make sure that the XI you’ve selected will be more than a match for the teams chosen by fellow players or even cricket experts? Read on for some tips that can help you score more. 

Player information

Howzat, and other cricket news websites, provide a wealth of information on the likely playing XI and the conditions in which the match is to be played. Keep a close eye on these factors. Players can pick up last-minute injuries and may need to be replaced. The last thing you want is to go into a contest with only 9 or 10 players who are fit to play. 

Weather forecast

No other ball sport is so reliant on weather conditions. A rainy or cloudy scenario invariably means challenging batting conditions. It means you should pick as many seam and swing bowlers as you can, while preferring batters with the technical skills to survive. In hot and dry conditions, you’re far more likely to choose the big hitters and the spin bowlers who can take advantage of a slow, breaking surface. 

Cricket logic

T20 cricket was once stereotyped as a game for the bits-and-pieces players. Nothing could be further from the truth. Those that score the most runs are specialist top-order batters. If they don’t bat in the top 4, chances are they won’t get enough time to make an impact and score points for your fantasy team. Similarly, it’s wicket-taking bowlers you want to pick. Someone who takes 3-30 is of far more value to you than another who finishes with a tidy spell of 0-20. Selecting those who are good in the field and likely to take catches helps too. 

Form guides

Several star players will be part of most fantasy teams. So how does your team steal an advantage? Watch out for those fringe players who are in great nick. They may have only one or two good seasons, but they can be game-changers for you. Pick your captain and vice captain wisely, based on current form rather than reputation, as they will score you 2x points and 1.5x points, respectively, for the same performance as other players on the team. 

If you’ve ticked all these boxes, the chances are that your team will be more than competitive. Play sufficient practice games on a free fantasy cricket app like Howzat and hone your strategies. Once you’re confident enough, take on fellow cricket lovers and legends of the game for big cash prizes. Watching cricket is no longer a passive experience. Each run, wicket and catch means more points for you, and big steps closer to the ultimate prizes. Log in and pick that perfect team right away!

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