How to transform your bedroom design using laminate?

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Does the idea of a polished and sophisticated bedroom appeal to you? Has the thought of decorating your room ever occurred in your mind? The harsh times in the last two years forced us to rethink the space where we spend most of our time, which is our bedroom. Even the person who spends maximum time outside wished that they had paid more attention to designing laminate their room during the lockdown period.

Hence, if you don’t want to delay the designing of your room anymore, keep reading to find out how Royale Touche laminates can help in effortlessly planning your home décor.

Why does colour matter the most?

A lot of artists say that the colour we choose often reflects our inner nature. Although we do not invest much time thinking about room colour, it affects our mood and thoughts every day. Many homeowners favour minimalistic all-white design, but it loses its elegance after some years and appears dull. Select a colour as the foundation shade for your bedroom. It’s the perfect way to avoid colour clashes and create uniformity in the entire room design. In which case, you can consider installing laminate sheets that come in unique decorative designs in a plethora of tones and colours. It is advisable to remember that colour shades should complement each other in some way, or else the room may become overwhelming to live in.

At least for this time, install laminates for wall panels instead of paint to bring some life to your room. In which case, remodelling your room would require you to re-think what you want to do with the blank walls. The right choice is vertical laminates which are moisture, impact, and scratch-resistant. Also, they are available in various textures and colours to provide your bedroom walls with the unique look that they deserve. In that case, utilise a single feature wall or a set of walls that span the complete room.

Transform your furniture

Furniture plays a significant role in the overall décor of a room. If the furniture in your room seems monotonous and dull, consider resurfacing them with decorative laminates. It’s the ideal way to add fresh life to your furniture laminate as well as to your bedroom. Laminates offer endless scopes to enhance the look of the furniture in your room like wardrobe and study table at an affordable budget. Installing texture laminates adds depth to home decorations, transforming your room into a desirable living space. Moreover, if you are designing furniture for your children’s room, explore Royale Touche laminate catalogue to choose textured laminates that will transform their room into a small paradise.

Create a statement with your wardrobe

It’s the place where you keep things that define who you are. Consider using laminates to change the surface of your wardrobes so that they contribute to the entire design of the room. Make sure to pick colours and textures in laminates that will blend perfectly amidst the rest of the shades in the room.

Note that whether you are redesigning or designing your bedroom for the first time, it is advisable to keep the layout of the room as simple as possible. Based on the shape of your room, the wall against which the bed can be placed should be intuitively decided. After the bed has been placed in the ideal place, the furniture and lamps can be positioned accordingly. Make sure the bed is placed where it has direct access to natural light and not near to the bathroom. In addition, one should always also ensure to keep plenty of open space in the room to walk around.

On a concluding note, designing a bedroom is the first step to ensuring your comfort and relaxation when you are home. To create a bedroom of your dreams, make sure to research and collect ideas as well as take advantage of decorative laminates that will transform your dream into reality Learn More

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