How to use printed flags for branding and merchandising

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Flags printed on the same material as banners and decals can be used for branding and promotional purposes.

Here is How to use printed flags for branding and merchandising:

  • ​A printed flag is a great way to promote your company, brand or product as you can use as visual tool at tradeshows and exhibitions as well as in your store window. The printed flag has always been popular as a printed flag is a lightweight, easy to handle and cost-effective product.
  • Printed flags printed on our digital printers have the same high quality as all our printed products. And flags printed in full colour are no exception! We can print any PMS colour for your printed flag so you can be sure of the most suitable PMS colour match for your company’s branding or corporate colours.
  • For large orders, many customers choose white polyester fabric where they want their logo printed on the material itself instead of printing onto paper that has been stitched onto the flag pole. A customer might, for instance, use printed flags in store windows to promote their own brand or they may have them distributed to customers attending an exhibition or conference. Printed flags are printed with the same digital printers as our printed vinyl banners and printed decals can be printed on different types of materials such as polyester or nylon, depending on the application.
  • Printed flags printed in full colour are printed to order and you can choose from a wide range of standard sizes for your printed flag, both small and big flags. You can also order custom printed flags for product launches or other special occasions where you may need really large printed flags – we print anything up to 10 meters!
  • For your convenience, we offer an option to ship printed flags flat packed via PostNord (Sweden) or GLS (Europe). This will have quite an impact at tradeshows, exhibitions etc. as customers find it very easy to take printed flags printed in full colour away with them.
  • We printed this printed flag for one of our customers, a supplier of mobile phone cases, at an exhibition where they wanted to attract visitors to their stands and motivate people passing by. The printed flag printed on white polyester was printed in the shape of a capsule on top of which stood their logo printed onto paper. The idea was that the customers could take printed flags printed in full-colour home so they could show off their new phone case.
  • The sign-writer who created this creative window display came up with the idea on his own, having worked together with our customer for several years already. So he knew what would work best for promoting the company both visually and cost-effectively. He realized that printed flags printed on white polyester printed with the company’s logo and printed in full colour would draw attention to the window display and at the same time create a sense of exclusivity and premium feel amongst passers-by.
  • We printed the printed flags printed on white polyester for him in our studio so he could take them away shortly before his customer wanted to use them, making it easier for him to set up his window display. The printed flag was printed at cost price so they were also able to keep their costs down. And, of course, our customer was very happy with this marketing tool they came up with!
  • Printed flags printed on paper are often used by associations who want members to wave flags printed with their logos when entering sports arenas to cheer on their country. In this case printed flags printed in full colour printed on paper can be printed with the association’s logo and a suitable slogan perhaps. The type of fabric, i.e. polyester or nylon, depends entirely on what you want your printed flag Funny Tea Quotes printed in full colour for and which graphics you wish to print onto it, whether they are printed directly onto the material or printed on paper that is then sewn onto flag poles or mounted straight onto an acrylic rod etc.


Printed flags printed in full colour printed on paper or printed on polyester fabric are ideal for promoting trade shows, sports arenas or your own company. You can design printed flags printed in full colour to suit your individual needs and budget by choosing the right materials, sizes and even textiles.

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