How You Can Make Your Logo with DesignEvo

Having a designer to do the logo task isn’t cheap. It can also be expensive to pay for professional-used programs like PhotoShop or Adobe Illustrator, not to mention learning how to use them.

This can be a challenge if you’re more of a website owner who struggles with logos. However, if you want to create your logo, DesignEvo is an indispensable tool.

DesignEvo allows anyone to create their logo from the most popular browsers. It comes with all the editors and resources you need, including custom shapes, typography, color schemes, and even icon styles.

Granted, its interface is much intuitive than Photoshop or any other Adobe software, so anyone can probably learn DesignEvo if they put in a bit of effort.

Reasons to use DesignEvo to make your logo

DesignEvo has over 21 million users worldwide to date. It has to be more and more. Now let’s see the main features that make it so popular.

  • With its simple drag and drop interface, you can use it to create your logos without any hassle.
  • It is entirely online, and you don’t have to worry about limited space on your computer, and there is no need to download or install anything.
  • DesignEvo provides users with more than 10,000 templates, divided into various categories and for different areas.
  • It provides millions of icons and other extensive resources like fonts, shapes, etc.
  • It allows you to change all logo elements, adding text, background, changing size, color, font, position, design, etc.
  • Before exporting the logo, you have the option to preview it on a t-shirt, laptop, website, building lobby, and other items.
  • You can download your logo in SVG for printing, which will maintain the quality of the logo regardless of the size of the print.
  • You can save your logo design to the cloud to re-edit it anytime, anywhere later.

Who can use DesignEvo?

With so many templates and resources to get your logo maker started, DesignEvo is worth a try.

If you are planning to run a business or want to freshen up your brand logo, you can give it a try to get inspired and instantly create a logo design.

It’s handy for entrepreneurs and small business owners with poor design skills who only need a few things to run their business.

How to customize your logos?

After clicking the Make a Free Logo button on the homepage, you will go directly to the template page.

1. Choose a good logo template

Over 10,000+ logo templates are offered at DesignEvo, and you will find logo designs for gaming, photography, YouTube, bodybuilding, technology, wedding, car, and many more for other areas and occasions.

You can see that there are dozens of ready-to-use logo categories, such as Abstract, Pets, Letters, Lifestyle, Nonprofits, Food and Drink, Business and Finance, etc. Go through the particular category, explore all the models, and choose the one you like most.

You can also type a word in the search field and press the Enter key. Next, you will get an extensive collection of related logo templates. Choose one to your liking and modify it to make it unique.

2. Create custom logos and add personal touches

Once you’ve chosen your pre-designed layout, it’s time to customize it and add some personal touches. You can add icons, text, shapes, and backgrounds to your logo in the left panel.

You can make your logo unique by doing the below operations.

Add icons (over 1,000,000 icons to choose from).

Choose from various text fonts, including classic and preset font styles.

Edit shapes, such as lines, rectangles, banners, symbols, etc.

Set the ground color, solid color, and gradient color. A transparent background is also available.

DesignEvo has already done some digging, but you can order millions of icons, all free to use in your logo.

3. Preview and download the logo

Before exporting your logo, you can preview the result on different occasions like website, laptop, t-shirt, etc.

If you are not liked the result, keep adjusting it until perfect. If you think it satisfies you, click the Download button and choose a format to download your logo for any use. DesignEvo allows you to download your final logo file in JPG, PNG, PDF, and SVG.

Price packages

You can use it for free. But if you want to download a logo file in SVG vector format or higher quality, you need to choose a paid plan. Its basic plan is $24.99, while the plus plan is $49.99.

For the basic plan, you can download the logo at 5000px resolution in transparent PNG, edit and re-download unlimited times, lifetime support, and high resolution files available for HD lossless printing.

You can take advantage of all the basic plan features for the Plus plan. In addition, you can download vector files (PDF, SVG), download font files, and enjoy copyright ownership.


The whole interface of DesignEvo is compelling, and you can create crazy logos by yourself. It won’t take long to create custom logos with DesignEvo.

To get started, visit the logo creator’s website. You will be amazed at what you can do with this tool and some free time.

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