Huntington Beach personal injury: Is it worth spending on an attorney?

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Accidents are always harrowing, especially when someone else is at fault. A huge number of personal injury cases are reported in Huntington Beach every year. Some are related to dog bites, auto accidents, and slip & fall accidents, while others are related to medical malpractice, nursing home abuse, and product liability. Each case is unique and must be handled accordingly. If you have a valid case, the question is whether you need to lawyer up. Hiring a Huntington Beach personal injury attorney can benefit your case in most circumstances, and here’s what you need to know. 

Don’t expect anything from the insurance company

You may want to believe that the insurance adjuster would do their best to give you a “fair” settlement, but that is highly unlikely. Insurance companies are here for profit, and all they care about is their liability. Claims adjusters often try tactics to deny claims or devalue the losses of the claimant. Typical tactics include – 

  1. Denying the claim on flimsy ground
  2. Passing the blame to the claimant
  3. Discouraging the claimant from hiring a lawyer
  4. Discouraging the claimant from seeking medical care
  5. Asking claimants to sign forms for medical authorization
  6. Coming up with an “amazing offer” right after the accident 
  7. Asking for a statement immediately

The impact of an accident, especially something like a car crash, is often so traumatic that people end up accepting whatever the insurance company has to offer. 

A lawyer can do a lot

Hiring an injury attorney allows you to take the time to recover from your injuries and trauma. PI lawyers in California don’t usually charge a penny until the client wins a financial settlement. In other words, they work on a contingency fee, which is payable only in one circumstance. Your lawyer can take over and do a wide range of things for the case. It all starts with an investigation, for which the injury attorney may rely on experts and their trusted sources. They will gather evidence, ensure that the case is strong enough to negotiate, and as the situation demands, they may even file a civil lawsuit. 

To answer the main question – Yes, it is worth spending on an injury attorney, but you don’t have to spend anything immediately. A good lawyer will explain your rights, check all the legal options that you can consider for the case, and handle the necessary paperwork. You just need to cooperate with them. 

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