IFB Fully Automatic Washing Machine Price in India

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The demand for washing machines has witnessed a massive surge in recent years. These days, most people prefer fully automatic washing machines that require little to no manual intervention over semi-automatic appliances that still need you to do some work.

IFB is among India’s most popular brands that manufacture fully automatic washing machines. Although IFB appliances are a favorite among consumers, the IFB washing machine price is usually a matter of concern if you are on a tight budget.

Choosing the best IFB washing machine from many models across different price segments can be somewhat puzzling. To help you out, we have prepared a shortlist of the top IFB washing machines that you can purchase in India. 

Top IFB washing machines available In India

IFB 6.5 kg 5-star fully automatic (top load) 

  • Offers water and energy-efficient performance with high-quality washing.
  • Includes six different washing programs for better cleaning of clothes.
  • 720 RPM spin speed for faster drying of clothes.
  • Special features include a crescent moon drum, 3D wash, and Aqua Energie mode. 
  • Appropriate capacity for nuclear and mid-size families. 
  • Silent operation and vibration dampening.

IFB 7 kg fully automatic (top load) 

  • One of the most value for money washing machines on the list. 
  • It comes with a 5-star rating and consumes less electricity. 
  • 720 RPM spin speed for rapid drying of clothes.
  • This automatic washing machine includes Aqua Energie mode, program memory, high/low voltage protection, memory backup, and child lock.
  • Sturdy quality of materials and durable.

IFB 6 kg 5-star fully automatic (front load)

  • This washing machine allows you to stop a cycle in between, add more clothes, and restart. 
  • A built-in heater will enable users to control the water temperature of the wash cycle. 
  • The spin speed of 800 RPM for faster cleaning and drying of clothes. 
  • Comes with 8 wash programs. 
  • Key features include Tub Clean, Express Wash, and 2D wash. 
  • It has a crescent moon drum. 
  • Comes with a protective rat mesh and drain hose. 

IFB 7 kg 5-star fully automatic (front load)

  • The spin speed of 1,000 RPM for quick drying. 
  • Compact and easy to install and relocate.
  • Features a crescent moon drum, Aqua Energie mode, Tub Clean, and child lock. 
  • Aqua Energie mode ensures that the detergent is dissolved perfectly in the water with no wastage.
  • The Cradle Wash program offers extra care and damage protection to sensitive fabrics.
  • Float ball valve technology allows optimal use of detergent/water ratio.

The above-mentioned best automatic washing machines are rolled out by IFB in the Indian market. Due to the fantastic quality and innovative features offered, the IFB washing machine price tends to be a factor that you might be worried about.

To make sure you get the best washing machine at the right price, you must carefully go through all the details before you make a purchase.

For most Indian buyers, price tends to be the primary concern for a major home appliance. However, the cost of IFB washing machines is justified when you consider the years of good service these appliances will give you. 

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The practical way of purchasing an automatic washing machine in India

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Summary: An automatic washing machine is a necessity these days. You can make your life a lot easier by choosing an IFB washing machine. But if you have a tight budget and are worried about the IFB washing machine price, we are here to help you out. We have picked the best IFB washing machines in India that come loaded with features and are easy on the pocket. Be sure to go through all the features before making up your mind.


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