Importance of Siphon Hose

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When using a paint sprayer, the siphon hose is an important part of the process. This hose helps to draw the paint up from the canister and into the gun. Without it, you won’t be able to get to the point where it needs to go. Make sure that your hose is in good condition and properly connected before you start spraying.

Important components

When you are using an airless paint sprayer, the siphon hose is one of the most important components. Because it draws liquid paint through the equipment to be atomized and spray onto a surface.

The paint must flow steady and smoothly, so the siphon hose is made of durable material. Unlike other hoses that can break or crack under pressure because. They’re not built to withstand 3000 psi for an extend period time.

A high-quality rubber won’t brittle easily when exposed near such immense forces trying push through them; instea, it will remain flexible enough while still providing excellent durability ensuring no leaks along this critical connection. Point between your car’s system AND engine compartment where all sorts a harsh chemicals are constantly being employ day after exhausting working hours


Titan Hoses is committe to providing reliable siphon hoses that can withstand the high pressures. Associate with using an airless paint sprayer. We feel that in order to have a siphon hose in an airless sprayer it must meet the following criteria:

High Quality Material

The siphon hose be construct of high-quality materials that are made to withstand time and pressure.

Smooth Fluid

The siphon hose should provide smooth fluid through the entire length, so there are no restrictions.

High Pressure

The siphon hose must be able to withstand the high pressure that is commonly associat with an airless sprayer.


We use quality components throughout our siphon hoses, including Viton lined hydraulic fittings and PTFE inner lining. Which allows for a minimal amount of fluid restriction within them. We also feature siphon hoses with quick-connect ends to make assembly easy.

A siphon hose is an important component of any airless sprayer system. And it must be able to withstand time, pressure and the paint that flows through it. Whether you are looking for siphon hoses that can be use in cold weather.Or siphon hoses with quick-connect ends, Titan has siphon hoses that can meet your needs.

Titan Hoses is committ to providing high-quality siphon hoses that are dependable and easy to assemble. We have siphon hoses in different lengths and.Diameters so you can choose the best siphon hose for your airless sprayer.


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