What Is the Process of Sublimation printer in Pakistan?

Sublimation is the most effective method of customizing mugs, Sublimation printer in pakistan, t-shirts, tiles, jewellery, and other articles. After reading this, you will have a better understanding of sublimation and whether it is beneficial for you. You’ll also be aware of the equipment you’ll require to get started.

Even though Sublimation printer in pakistan is more difficult to do than heat pressing, the results are more professional-looking. Sublimated designs should be contrast with screen prints or screen presses. Incorporate the cost of a professional seamless design into your budget.

What exactly is sublimation?

Sublimation, like heat transfer, transforms an image into a physical component of the material. Sublimation is accomplishes through the employment of specialized paper, ink, and polyester-coated materials that react with one another. ***Sublimation should only be use on 100 percent polyester cloth or polyester coated outdoor kiosks***

When heated to a high temperature, the sublimation ink transforms into a gas, which allows the gas to pass through the polyester coated material. When the polyester is remove from the heat, the pores of the polyester shrink, trapping the ink. Sublimation goods are smooth to the touch, and running your fingers over them will leave no trace of the picture on the surface.

Sublimation printer in pakistan

Cotton tees are not suitable for sublimation printing. Heat transfer paper is use to create color impressions on cotton clothing. Ordinary inks are print on high-quality sublimation transfer paper using regular inks. The coating of the heat transfer paper is also transferred, producing a tactile imprint on the surface. Bright colors can be imprint on tees made of 65/35 poly/cotton blend. Cotton garments lose their color with time, especially after being wash. Once again, heat transfer papers outperform sublimation when it comes to these shirts. Colored tee shirts can be customize. Any cultured background will have a significant impact on the color of the imprinted picture. Opaque paper is the finest choice for displaying intense colors. Items that are not polymer coated can be imprint (such as mugs and tiles). Sublimation prints into the coating rather than the object itself.



  • Printers from Mutoh, Epson, and Miami that are capable of printing using sublimation ink. If you are just starting out, you can invest in a small format printer, but they are not inexpensive to purchase. If you want to establish a sublimation business, you should invest in a large format printer. Every printer has its advantages and disadvantages. In terms of printing, Epson is the one-stop shop for all your requirements. Everything built in a collaborative environment, similar to how Apple does it, but Epson makes it impossible to fix hardware faults on your own. A sublimation ink from Mutoh is ideal for people who desire complete control over the equipment they use. Mutoh is analogous to owning a computer and customizing it. industradgroup printers are in the middle of the pack, enabling some personalization but not complete customization.


  • Sublimation Paper – Paper is require for the process of sublimation. Beaver and International are two of the most well-known brands. The success percentage of several foreign articles varies depending on the country. Some people adore them, while others despise them completely. It is ideal if you can do it yourself. Ink for toner cartridges It is available in a variety of packaging, including bottles, bulk bags for Mimaki printers, and small format printer cartridges.


  • ICC Color Correction Profile: This profile ensures that the colours of your image are reproduce accurately.

During the transfer process, the tape prevents image movement

In order for an object to be sublimate, it must first be cover with polyester. Look for Sublimation printer in pakistan blanks to see what you can create with sublimation technology. There are no limits to what you can sublimate.


  • Use a heat press to adhere the image on the sublimatable item. Mug or cap presses, as well as adapters for presses that are compatible, are necessary.
  • A programmed that is compatible with ICC Profiles, such as Photoshop or CorelDraw. (Adobe Photoshop, Photoshop Elements, and CorelDraw are the only programmers we support.)

Preparing your artwork: Your image is the focal point of your design, thus it must be of high quality. Artwork can made entirely from scratch or altered from scans and photographs. It is also possible to use premade designs. If you wish to print your design, Adobe Photoshop, Photoshop Elements, or CorelDraw are the programmes to choose from. In order to accurately print your image.

you must invert the orientation of the image such that the pattern prints backwards onto the paper. Always print a preview copy of your image before printing it on sublimation paper to ensure that everything is as it should be. Ensure that the image will print correctly, that it is not in your no-print zone, and that it is the correct size by double-checking. Also keep in mind that the colours on your screen may not always match the colors on your print. Even with an ICC profile, it is possible that you will not always get realistic colors.

If you use the bulk method, cartridges fed into your printer through tubes from changeable bags that are place next to it. There are four or eight cartridges in each of these bulk ink systems, depending on the printer. When one cartridge runs out of ink, the other automatically refills it with new ink. If you do not print on a regular basis, we do not recommend a bulk system.

Sublimation printer in pakistan

When printing using sublimation ink color correction is essential

The form is determine on the brand of sublimation ink that you use. Create an ICC Profile using a design application such as Adobe Photoshop, Elements, Illustrator, or CorelDraw in order to use Summit Fluid Systems sublimation ink. More information on ICC Profiles may found further down the page.


What exactly is the ICC Profile? What is the point of having it? To produce realistic colors from dye sublimation inks, the ICC Color Correction profile must be use in conjunction with the printer. When it comes to producing realistic colours, ink producers rely on the widely established ICC color profiles approach. It is a custom prepared file for your printer, computer, ink and sublimation product that is store in your computer’s hard drive. This colour profile file takes into consideration the characteristics of the ink, paper, printer, and software.

Every time you print, you must instruct the printer to use this file by changing the parameters in the printer’s configuration. YouTube has an ICC Profile builder that you may use! There are a variety of options for customising your ICC profile, depending on the RIP programme you are using. As a result, it is capable of printing realistic colours using sublimation inks. ** Certain programmes have the ability to maintain colour profiles. We only provide help for Adobe Photoshop, Photoshop Elements, and Corel Draw software.

What type of paper will I require? The decision to use sublimation paper is a personal one


When imprinting a substrate, heat presses make use of a transfer. Transfers are implant in items with the use of high temperatures and pressure industradgroup. In order to achieve professional results, heat presses are advise. Temperatures between 365 and 400 degrees Fahrenheit are require for sublimation. Our heat presses are divide into three categories according to the manufacturer: Geo Knight, Hix, and Horton. It is recommend that you use a heat press with a swing-away handle.


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