Is a Phone System For Your Business an Asset?

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The phone system you have in place is an essential part of your business. It allows you to answer your calls and communicate with your clients and customers, and it is necessary to keep up with the latest technology so your system can function correctly. Here are some features you may want to consider when upgrading your current phone system.


If you’re setting up a phone system for your business, you’ll need to decide how you want your voicemail to work. You can choose to use a service built into the phone system, or you can opt for a hosted service. This can be an excellent option for small businesses.

Voicemail for businesses is often more extensive than that for consumers. A company’s voicemail is usually used to greet callers and allow them to leave a message. It can also give them information and special promotions.

Some companies have multiple voicemail boxes. For example, each package can be for a different department or an employee. While this can be beneficial, you should avoid having too many.

Auto attendants

An auto attendant is a great way to streamline your phone system for your business. It can help you clear up misunderstandings, eliminate missed calls, and direct customers to the correct department.

Auto attendants are also a great way to give customers the option to reach your company via voicemail. You can tell them about new services, changes in your policies, and when it’s time to call back. They can also intercept telemarketing sales before you ring.

While your employees are still the best people to answer customer questions, an auto attendant can free them up to work on other tasks. In addition, an adequately set up auto attendant will always be there when your customers need them.

Recorded messages

If you’re considering putting together a phone system for your business, consider the many benefits of professionally recorded messages. The most impressive thing about these types of statements is that they can be tailored to suit the unique needs of your business. For example, some companies use these messages to answer frequent caller questions, thereby keeping the lines open during peak hours. In the long run, these bespoke voicemail messages are a sound investment in your company’s reputation.

Fortunately, it’s easier to put together a custom voicemail message than it sounds. Choosing a managed telephone system lets you get your hands on one pre-loaded with the best-suited voicemail messages. To that end, try out a few different scripts before deciding.

Forwarding calls to other team members’ extensions

Call forwarding is an invaluable asset for any business phone system. It enhances the efficiency of your communication system while eliminating scam calls and missed opportunities. Depending on your service, it may be easy to set up or require a little more work.

Choosing a provider with the right features is the first step in creating an effective business phone system. Next, you should identify who in your organization will use the numbers that will be forwarded. This is usually done by consulting with your IT department.

You can also configure call forwarding on your mobile device so that you can receive incoming calls while you’re on the go. For example, you can deliver a phone call to your mobile device while on vacation.

Conference calls

Conference calls are a valuable asset of the phone system for business. These calls allow you to communicate with multiple participants from across the globe. They can help you to make crucial decisions quickly. This is why it is essential to choose the right phone system.

Choosing the right communication tool is vital to running a successful business. Whether using a web or a telephone conference, you will need to know how to prepare.

One of the most fundamental security considerations is access control. You can achieve this by providing access codes to everyone on the call.

Music on hold

Whether your business runs a telephone answering service, an industrial supply company, or a salon, you will want to ensure that the music you play on hold is appropriate for your customers. Choosing the right songs for your on-hold message can affect how long your callers stay on the line.

A business can use hold music to improve its brand image and customer experience. It can also help minimize perceived wait times and enhance caller retention. Finally, if done correctly, on-hold music can help you save a sale or two.

Hold music can also help to manage anxiety in your callers. Studies have shown that most people prefer to listen to something on the phone.