It’s A Match: 6 Foods That Go Well With Pizza

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Pizza is one of the most hailed foods out there. Because of its popularity, people are becoming creative in how they incorporate pizza into their meals. On top of that, different ways of enjoying eating pizza are becoming more and more personalized for many. This makes pizza a versatile and universal choice to enjoy an eating experience on any occasion.

From a frozen pizza to a freshly baked one, everyone’s preferences in taste and preparation are now being catered to. Even people around the world have managed to create a version of pizza that suits their culture. From the traditional Italian dish, tourists grew to love, pizza has grown to be a worldwide favorite. Not to mention that it also seems to be getting better and better through time.

One of the most promising things pizza brought to everyone’s dining experience is flexibility. From birthday parties to fine dining, there seems to be a way to make pizza for any occasion. This is because pizza, although extremely tasty, is also interesting enough to be matched with other food options. The taste of spices and umami mainly fills a slice of it but it can taste better with many other foods out there. 

Depending on your sense of adventure, a slice of pizza can be elevated with just about any other food out there. Wanna know how it works? It will be better if you try.

Here are some of the best food matches for pizza:


Soup is a daily light food option that can be eaten with almost all dishes in a meal. As an appetizer, soup can give you an introduction to a flavorful meal ahead. Even with ingredients as simple as mushroom, a nicely cooked soup will give you the right kick that will excite you for what is to come. This will make your appetite more set before you can feel full with pizza.

If you choose to have soup alongside pizza, it can be a good balance with the texture. Pizzas are mostly served with a crispy crust with melted cheese softening its layers. This can leave a satisfying feeling in your mouth that will make you crave more.

Chicken Wings 

Eating a serving of chicken wings alone is a treat on its own. Imagine if you combine two tasty dishes at once. It will almost be heaven for people who like food that is rich in taste and flavor. Chicken wings and pizza are somehow similar when it comes to eating experience. You have the option to customize them based on taste. You can enjoy something spicy, something garlic-y, something cheesy, or something creamy through different sauces and ingredients.

With these similarities, chicken wings and pizza can go hand in hand and taste just as good or even better. If you want something strong and bold in taste, you can go for distinct flavors for each of them. On the other hand, you can also balance the taste by choosing a simple flavor for one and a sharper one for the other. 


Pizza has become very widely popular around the world but its roots from Italy remain unique. What better way can you enjoy this Italian food than eating it with another Italian treat? Pasta is as well-loved as pizza and offers a variety of options to choose from. By being traditionally Italian, pizza and pasta have similar palettes in taste and aesthetics. Combining them together completes a classic meal that will guarantee to satisfy your appetite.

It might not be the best option for health-conscious foodies, but carbs on carbs is an undeniably mouth-watering food combination. If you are at home, you can easily elevate your pizza parties with pasta too. Many pasta recipes are incredibly easy to follow which you can also prepare last minute.

Caesar Salad 

Salads are carbs are a good combination if you are a bit wary of your calorie intake. Caesar salad is known for its ingredients that are packed with different nutrients which can contribute to good health. At the same time, its dressing makes it taste creamier which you can enjoy. So, having caesar salad on the side as you eat pizza can bring an element of healthiness to your meal.

The common denominator between caesar salad and pizza is that both of them go well with cheese. If you are someone who likes cheese or is fond of the light and creamy textures, this combination will easily become a favorite. If you occasionally enjoy a wine night, having this pairing is also a good snack to try. They are balanced, tasty, and personalized at the same time.


Pizza is known for its distinct taste which can be powerful based on the ingredients. People like to mix meaty and cheesy ingredients with a selection of veggies. This can be customized based on preference. Meat lovers will opt for a wider meat selection ranging from bacon to ground beef. Veggie lovers will go for more vegetables on their pizza with spinach and bell pepper being some of the favorites. Regardless of these variations, pizza remains a tasty treat. This is why a simpler snack like fries will be a great match for it.

Fries can be lightly salted and it will become a good partner for a serving of flavorful pizza. On top of the simplicity of fries. The cleanliness of its taste and softness of texture can restart your taste palette every bite. This will help you enjoy pizza better and get the most of its taste. On top of all that, fries are extremely easy to prepare. If you are someone who likes to cook your own pizza, multi-tasking and cooking some fries with it will be a walk in the park.


Steak is one of the most popular foods worldwide. Humans (or the majority of them) are omnivores and it is common in many cultures to love eating meat. Meat is incorporated into different dishes, be it local or not. There are also endless ways to cook meat in ways that people will not get tired of them. Bottom line is, meat is popular across nations and cultures because there is always a better way to cook it. In fact, dishes seem to keep getting better over time.

This is why a steak is a good option with pizza. In fact, a steak is a good option any day on any occasion. From grilled to pan-fried, well-cooked meat will give you the juiciest food experience. This is a good combination for a cheesy pizza that is also rich in creaminess. While it is not widely common, cheese can improve elevate the flavor of the meat. This is probably why it is becoming a staple in Samgyeopsal dishes, a popular Korean cuisine.

Key Takeaway

Pizza is flexible and interesting on its own. It is rich in flavor and texture and will cater to every kind of preference you have. Regardless of how good it is, combining it with other foods can make your pizza experience much better. From soup to steak, you can say that pizza goes with pretty much everything. It has proven its relevance in the food industry yet you can still continue finding ways to taste the most out of it.

Pizza is what you can consider as an all-rounder food. You can eat them on casual days and special events at the same time. Because of this, you can always be surprised with your eating experience. At the end of the day, aside from giving you the nutrients you need, food like pizza can also be a form of entertainment. It can make you happy, excited, and satisfied.

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