Keratin Treatments: What You Need To Consider Before Doing It

Before getting a keratin treatment, discussing the procedure with your stylist is essential. Different therapies have different requirements and restrictions. Some require a 48-hour wait, while others allow you to go about your regular haircare routine and even get a blowout the same day. Before undergoing a keratin treatment, it’s essential to talk with your stylist about the restrictions and benefits of the procedure.

Consultation with a Hairstylist

Come to think of it, does keratin treatment damage hair? Before undergoing a keratin treatment, discussing your hair type with a hairstylist is essential. This way, they can recommend the right formula for your hair type and texture. If you have curly or frizzy hair, it is best to visit a professional hairstylist because some keratin treatments might harm hair.

You can try a keratin treatment if you want silky, smooth hair. This hair treatment uses a chemical product made of hydrolyzed keratin proteins. When applied to your hair, these proteins adhere to the cuticles and relax the sub-cuticle section of your hair strands. Typically, a hairstylist will shampoo and condition your hair and spray this solution onto your hair. It should sit for at least 30 minutes before being washed out. Then, your hair is brushed, or flat ironed to ensure that the solution has been absorbed properly.

At-Home Keratin Treatment Options                 

At-Home keratin treatments are becoming more common. However, they’re still not comparable to salon treatments. The main difference is that at-home keratin treatments don’t use the same high-quality formula as salon treatments. They won’t have as long a process or produce as much hair smoothing as salon treatments.

Professional salon treatments can be quite costly and often contain harsh chemicals that can damage the hair. Many of these treatments also contain formaldehyde, which is a known carcinogen. However, you can avoid these risks by using an at-home keratin treatment that is safe for your hair.

Some of the best at-home keratin treatment options are shampoos and conditioners. These products aren’t quite as intense as salon treatments, but they are a significant step up from the usual haircare products you’re used to. You can find keratin-based shampoos and conditioners that are effective and easy to apply.

Side Effects of Keratin Treatment

Side effects of keratin treatment are a concern for anyone considering getting this procedure for their hair. This procedure utilizes high temperatures and harsh chemicals that can damage hair. Many of these chemicals seep into the hair and cause internal damage. They can also cause hair loss and make hair strands weak. The more keratin treatments a person has, the more likely they will experience side effects.

Another concern about keratin treatments is the exposure to formaldehyde. This colorless gas is commonly used in cosmetic products and is a potential carcinogen. As a result, pregnant women and individuals with a history of respiratory complaints should avoid these treatments.

Keratin is a naturally occurring protein found in human skin and hair. The protein supports and protects the hair from breakage and is present in fingernails, skin, and hair. However, it can deplete when used excessively in hair products, over-styling, and exposure to heat.

Cost of Keratin Treatment

A keratin treatment costs approximately $200-350. This price range can vary depending on several factors. The type of hair, the number of treatments, and geographical location can all impact the total cost. It’s a good idea to compare prices and services before deciding on a specific salon.

The treatment involves applying a compound formula to the hair that makes it look smoother and straighter. It is essential to know that this process can contain formaldehyde, which has a strong odor and can cause eye and nose irritation. That’s why some people with severe odor allergies might want to wear a mask before undergoing the procedure. In addition, deep conditioning the hair a week before treatment helps protect it from damage. You should also avoid using heavy shampoos and oils two days before treatment. If you’re unsure about the process, a consultation is an excellent way to learn more about the procedure and what it involves.

As with any other hair treatment, the cost of keratin treatment for men varies depending on where you live and which salon you choose. Generally, a medium-length treatment will cost between Rs. 3,000 and 5,000, while a long treatment may cost around Rs. 8,000 or more. It will help if you compare prices before deciding where to go. In addition, the geographical location of the salon can influence the price, as some cities have higher costs than others Read More