Key Factors to Look for in a Good SEO Report

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Brisbane has one of the most thriving retail businesses in Australia. The customers who want to go shopping can head towards the Queen Street Mall, the largest pedestrian mall in Queensland. But times are changing, and most people choose to shop online, which is why businesses all over the city work with a  brisbane seo company  to boost their online presence and reach the top of search engine rankings.

If your online business relies on a third-party SEO service provider, you may be getting SEO reports regularly. But how can you determine if you can use those reports to generate data for decision-making? Here is everything you need to look for in a good SEO report so you can improve your retail business and compete against the other popular Brisbane retailers.

Conversion Data

One of the critical purposes of having a business website is converting visitors to encourage them to become customers. Since you are in the Brisbane retail business, you want more visitors to purchase.

Your site’s conversion data is different from the traffic rate. Conversion will show you the number of visitors who consider turning into customers, while traffic refers to the number of people visiting your website. The conversion rate in your SEO report will let you know if your digital marketing campaign converts visitors into customers.

Lead Attribution

Most SEO reports only include the latest touchpoint when talking about the lead attribution in the website. But most of the time, many visitors will only convert after having several online interactions with your business.

If the SEO report solely focuses on the last touchpoint, it will not provide any information about the overall sales funnel. So a good SEO report must include all the touchpoints to explain how the leads interact with the website.

Customized Reporting

A good brisbane seo company should offer you custom SEO reporting. The value of these reports depends on your industry and the channels you utilize to generate leads.

Some of your options for custom SEO reporting may include discussions about offline lead generation methods like billboards, TV or radio advertisements, and other printed marketing materials. By discussing what you need with your SEO service provider, you can ensure that they will include all the metrics you need for sound decision-making in their assessment.

Page Speed Insights 

The SEO report must also mention the page speed of your website. The service provider can generate this data using a free Google tool called Page Speed Insights. It is necessary to take note of the page speed since the visitors will most likely abandon your retail website if it takes longer than a few seconds before the page loads.

Page speed also became more critical during the last couple of years, especially after Google launched the Core Web Vitals update in mid-2021. This update focuses on user experience, including the site’s loading speed. So always ask your SEO service provider to include the page speed factor in their report. Click Chetak result for more informative content.

Other essential factors that you must see in the SEO report include the Bounce Rate, Rankings, and Links. Most importantly, the report must always indicate future recommendations and essential execution plans to ensure that your retail business in Brisbane will stand out against all the competition. So discuss your SEO report inclusion with your service provider as soon as possible.

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