Know all about the lace front wig

The Lace Wig, the queen of invisible wigs, is always popular! Its ultra-natural rendering and its subtle technicality make it undetectable and very realistic. It does not reveal any demarcation or bump, and that are the art of the Lace front Wigs. We tell you about it!

What is the Lace Wig?

Let’s start with the beginning. Lace Wig is a hairstyle technique that comes, today popular and used all over the world. The expression associates the word lace which means lace with that of wig which means wig. We could therefore translate it as lace wig. There is therefore only one logical conclusion. It is a wig that incorporates a veil of tulle or lace around the skull, made with hair stitched one by one. The importance of this base is that it gives the impression that the hair is coming out of the scalp. Which accentuates the natural look of your hairstyle.

Made using a mesh technique that makes it undetectable. Some wigs even include baby hair, that little fine hair that grows near the temples, which further accentuates the natural effect.

Originally, this system was create for celebrities of cinema, television, song. Because the Lace Wig has the advantage of not harming your real hair and giving it a unique look. Indeed, you can change your hairstyle discreetly without damaging your hair or your scalp and always staying on top!

The advantages of the Lace Wig

Not being in direct contact with your natural hair, this wig therefore preserves it, unlike weaving or extensions for example. It can be wear without glue but also with it for a hold between 3 and 6 weeks. Waterproof glues also exist and allow you to play sports, take a shower. Go to the pool and swim without any risk of it withdrawing.

The wig is removable and can be reuse for several years with proper maintenance. In addition, thanks to its mesh technique, there is no feeling of heat. It can therefore be wear in winter as well as in summer.

Whether you want to do a bun or a high ponytail, a pink, green. Yellow, red or rainbow color, don’t deprive yourself! Everything is allowe to you so let your imagination run free. Nothing will happen to your natural hair and the effect will always be undetectable.

For all people who suffer from alopecia due to medical treatments or medical conditions. Lace Wigs are an ideal alternative that will remain discreet and natural in all circumstances.

Natural or synthetic hair

When you choose your wig, the first question to ask concerns. The choice of natural hair or synthetic hair there are indeed different types of hair for a wig.

Natural hair

Human hair wigs are make from real human hair that comes from different donors around the world. They are processe, sanitized and bundled together to create the wig.

The big advantage of a natural hair wig is that. It can be treate as it is, and it is therefore possible to iron it, dye it, etc. The disadvantage would be their price, more expensive than synthetics.

Synthetic hair

Synthetic wigs are, as their name suggests, made from synthetic fibers. Less expensive they are not necessarily of poor quality. We must even salute an incredible progress because they are getting closer and closer to natural wigs!

Unlike natural hair, synthetics are not climate sensitive, do not oxidize with light and heat, and feature endless color palettes.

However, you cannot style them with heating devices, as these wigs cannot withstan extreme heat, nor can they be dye.

With this little reminder, all you have to do is choose! If you really want a natural look, wigs with natural hair will of course be more appropriate. But it’s up to you according to your budget and your desires!

And you, have you ever tried the Lace Wig?

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