Landscaping Tips Around the Pool

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Homes with pools are often the talk of their neighborhood. Kids and parents will want to come over for a swim throughout summer, but owning one can be expensive!

You must take care of this valuable asset by keeping up on maintenance every day, so it doesn’t get damaged.

A backyard pool provides not just fun in warm weather. They also invite friends and neighbors. They also provide some sort of relaxation from time to time.

When you’re looking for the perfect spot to build your pool in cape cod, remember that plants can be a great addition; not only will they add beauty and privacy in this space, but some types of landscaping also thrive around pools while others may wilt! To ensure lasting success with any kind, choose wisely:

1) Find out what kind makes sense based on its needs – do not guess blindly

2 ) Consult experts who know precisely how each one thrives or fails when cared for by humans (or animals);

3 ) Observe in the developing stages, so as much knowledge possible is gained before planting seeds/buying plugs

Be Aware of Debris

Trees are a great addition to any backyard, they can be bothersome for many reasons. Leaves will often drop into your pool and clog its filter or cause other damage that needs fixed-up by you or landscaping companies. Palms serve as an excellent natural shade with little maintenance required outside of cutting down on debris around water features like decks due to their height. Electric blowers are very handy for this job.

According to Gade Masonry & Landscaping, using large pots around the pool is a great way to add color without all of that weed-pulling. Consider trailing plants like creeping jenny or wave petunias, which will hang over side from planters and provide an attractive appearance while also soaking up sunlight reflecting off your watery backyard sanctuary! ornamental native grasses in brightly colored containers can be another good option for bringing life back into this space after hours spent gardening near sweltering heat lamps.


Salt Tolerant Options

While most pools use chlorine, newer technology makes saltwater pools more popular. Unfortunately, these will harm nearby plants if they’re not tolerant to it and can cause browning or death for your plants near your pool. Instead, choose plants like yarrow daylily & blanket flower known to survive and thrive even after being subjected to intensive splashing motion all day long!

Bug Resistant Plants

Mosquitoes love dirty water and will take advantage of any opportunity they can get. Planting mosquito-resistant plants around may help keep these pests at bay. As a result, you don’t have to spend time cleaning constantly or struggle with pesky bites on sensitive areas like ankles and wrists!

Lemongrass is an excellent choice since it’s also edible, and make planters smell great while protecting from other insects, too.

Basil works similarly but doesn’t require quite as much care (just deadhead regularly).


Using plants that enjoy a lot of sunlight without adding debris will help you create the lagoon effect. In addition, large pots and beautiful landscaping is possible with pool-friendly species!

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