Complete process of Linksys wifi range extender setup

The Linksys range extender promises to eliminate the dead zones from the house/workplace by amplifying the signal strength. We can start with the Linksys wifi extender setup process to configure its setting and customize them accordingly. Want more information on the range extender and the setup process? Go through the information guide given below.

Prerequisites for the extender setup

Before starting with the wifi range extender setup, make sure you keep in mind the important details given below.

  • The SSID of the router.
  • Ethernet cables to establish the connection.
  • Stable internet connection provided by the ISP.
  • A compatible web browser.

Extender setup

We will go through the wifi range extender setup process. It can be performed via two main methods. These are discussed below in detail.

Using manual setup method

Following are some steps for the extender to set up manually:

  • Ensure that the extender, laptop, computer are placed in the same room.
  • Using the ethernet cord connect the computer and the extender.
  • Connect the Linksys extender and computer in the socket using another cable.
  • Once the device boots up, the power and status LED will display their status.
  • Input in the address bar of any compatible web browser. You can also input the default IP address as an alternative here.
  • After entering the default credentials complete the login process.
  • When the setup screen appears, the setup wizard will scan the available router networks. Choose the SSID of your main router and click on its name.
  • After entering the password for the router, select the join button.
  • Alter the settings as per your requirements.
  • Click on the Next
  • The setup screen will display a summary of the network and device settings that you recently made. After reviewing them click on the save and finish button.

Using the WPS button method

The wifi-protected setup is a security standard for wireless networks. It’s helpful in making stable connections between networking devices.

Using WPS button

Follow the given guidelines to set up extender using WPS push button.

  • Insert the extender in the power outlet.
  • Press WPS button on extender.
  • Check status of WPS LED on the device.
  • If the power light is visible it means that the extender is configuring with a router.
  • Wait until the WPS LED light becomes solid green and with this, the setup process concludes.

Using the web-based WPS button

It can be divided into another three ways discussed below.

Via WPS button

After logging in to the Linksys wireless range extender, choose wireless and then the WPS button. Press WPS button on device to start with the WIFI setup process. Click on the enable option after this.


You can place the WPS PIN in the second field of the extender setup web-based page too.

Via Router’s PIN

In case we need the router PIN, we can input it into the extender Linksys setup page.

If the WPS light is lit without any interruption consider it as the completion of the Linksys wifi extender setup process.

How to reset the Range Extender?

If the troubleshooting steps don’t fix any error and you face issues with the range extender’s working, you can reset the device. But, before that, you should perform a backup for your current settings in order that nothing is lost. Once the backup completes, you can reconfigure the settings. The reset is performed by using two methods discussed below.

Hard Reset

Press and hold the reset button on the rear or bottom of the device for ten seconds to reset the range extender to its manufactory default settings.

Soft reset

You can perform the soft reset process by using the web-based utility of the Range extender. After logging in, choose the restore factory default button under the factory default option.

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