Ludo – Still Popular in the Virtual World

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The game ‘Pachisi‘ during ancient times made Mughal Emperor Akbar an addict. It was transformed over time to create ludo as it is known today. Alfred Collier of England claimed the idea in the year 1891, filing for a patent in that year for ludo. This board game has evolved into an internet game that is now played on smartphone apps and websites. Interestingly, it was played as a board game during power cuts in India.

The New Medium of Play

Online ludo that is played via an app is profitable for all parties involved. Game developers profit from the options available in each of the ludo download apps, with Snakes and Ladders being one of the additional games. Apart from that, gamers can earn a substantial amount of money by playing this game. They also get to have fun with their friends and relatives. In fact, the game is just as exciting as it was in the past; only the user interface has transformed. Android is the most common operating platform used to download reputed ludo apps.

Playing in Private Rooms

By logging into private rooms, players can engage in these games with specific players. Each room acts like a virtual chat room, accessible to other players using their user names and codes. Here, players can participate in games with both familiar and unfamiliar players. As their name implies, these rooms are great for one-on-one game play. Even players who have crossed the same levels will be able to compete with each other.

Some of the best strategies to play this game are known by people who have participated in it over several years. Most strategies that were applicable on the physical board game earlier are applicable today too. Numerous winning tactics are mentioned on ludo apps and websites. Since every strategy doesn’t work every time, here’s a look at some of the best ones:

  1. Math Skills– Calculation using probability can be used to outsmart other players.
  2. Adhere to the Rule of Seven– At all times, attempt to be seven steps ahead of any opponent. It will provide a reasonable chance of escaping when an opponent’s token approaches. It is definitely the best chance of survival.
  3. Transfer All Tokens– It would be imprudent to wait for one token to return home before starting another’s journey. Rather than that, moving each token whenever a six appears on the dice is preferable, albeit the same dice score can be smartly used to move other tokens.
  4. The Waiting Game– Accumulate the tokens in order to attain the star-shaped indications on the boards. The pieces may be retained for a reasonable period of time while the next move is considered.
  5. Increase Chances of Knocking off Opponent Tokens– Players must first work on minimizing their own likelihood of being knocked off. Multiple players can collaborate together to steal another player’s tokens.

Start with 6 on the Dice

It is a well known fact that players will not be able to advance their tokens for the first time without getting 6 on their virtual dice. After completing four rounds of the board, a token enters the house of that colour. The winner’s mission is to collect all four tokens and finish the tour around the board. Other tokens, similar to the real board, can move along or be knocked off during this voyage. Whoever gets all four tokens into the house of the same colour wins the game.

Try to Learn as a New Player

It is necessary to download a ludo app to play the game on a smartphone. Android-based ludo apps can be downloaded directly from Google Play store. After downloading the games, first time users may learn about the playing instructions, but they can always consult their friends. There’s a lot to learn about the new user interface, which will take place while playing the game repeatedly.

Depositing Money to Play

After downloading the games, first time users may find the play instructions difficult, but they can always consult their friends. Newcomers to the app version will notice that, while the user interface and feel have changed, the game can still be played in the same manner as previously. Advice may be required for the procedure of depositing money and playing, the details of which are available on tutorials as well. Money can be deposited into the game via wallets and online bank accounts, similar to how ecommerce transactions are conducted these days. However, the game will not begin until the user’s account has been verified.

Given that ludo has long been a popular board game, replicating it for the virtual world was not particularly difficult. It has managed to become a top digital game in quick time. It is one of the most effective strategies to combat boredom nowadays and provides lots of fun to people of all ages.

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