Magnificently Designed Game Boxes by iCustomBoxes

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Game Boxes

Due to this pandemic situation, people prefer to stay at home because they feel safe and secure in their houses. They do their different routine task just by staying at home. However, they are playing different games in their free time. When people buy the games they first take a glimpse at game boxes. If they found the packaging attractive they buy it without any hesitation.

There are so many different games available on market. The packaging of every game is different from the other. Those who are dealing in this industry try their level best to make game packaging attractive so that it gathers its customer’s attention. They use bright and vibrant colors for their game boxes because bright colors straight reflect on our minds.

Brand owners firstly make their mind that how they want their games boxes in appearance, apply the same strategies and make it real. They uniquely design their game boxes with different animated characters that are published on their boxes. Uniquely designed game boxes always leave an impression on consumers’ minds. They prefer to buy that game just because of its magnificent packaging.

As everyone knows that designing the game boxes is not an easy task to do. Brands hire professionals who design their boxes the way they want it in real. They make their games boxes in an alluring way that increases their business and also gives profit to its respected brand.

Custom Game Boxes

Games boxes are in plain white packaging companies design them according to their need and requirement. Their creative team designed these boxes with their company logo. They print the company logo on the front side of the packaging with animated characters. On the other side of the packaging, they publish all the necessary information so that people know the inner games.

In some games, they may also give its controller so that people play the games more frequently and easily. There are so many types of games are available in the market and every one has its different and unique packaging.

Study Material

High-quality material gives full protection to the inner item. Brands are now giving their full concentration on their packaging material. Those companies who are using low-quality material people did not bother to buy it. Material plays a vital role in increasing its sales. Meanwhile, brand owners also want to keep the environment clean and green. For this purpose, now they are started using eco-friendly material for their candles boxes.

Eco-friendly materials are easily recyclable and biodegradable. There are different types of materials like Cardboard material, corrugated material, and Kraft paper. They are pocket and budget-friendly as well. Brands are manufacturing their boxes with this material that is reliable and durable. It keeps their inner item safe from all the hazards.

Design and Style of your Game Boxes

Games boxes are made in different styles and designs. This packaging makes your inner product more stylish and appealing in front of its customers. You can design your boxes in different styles like:

Mailer box

Tuck End Boxes

2 Piece boxes

Seal End Boxes

Auto-lock tuck boxes

Straight Tuck End Boxes

Brands are using these boxes according to their need.  Embossing, debossing, Window Die-cut, golden and silver foiling, insert these techniques are used to make your product more presentable. The window Die-cut feature enhances your packaging look.

Massive Choices of Coating and Finishing

Coatings and finishing give a new and vibrant look to the packaging. This coating is used to make your boxes more appealing and marvelous. Companies are giving different coating and finishing techniques to their buyers. They can select them according to their brand requirement. These techniques are given below:

Matte lamination

Gloss lamination

Spot UV


By using these techniques, automatically boost your business across the world.

Magnificent printing skills

Brands are using unique and high-quality printing techniques to make their boxes more tempting. If brands use low-quality ink for their boxes then it will create a bad impression on its buyer’s minds. They also don’t prefer to buy that product again because of its quality. quality and quantity both are considered important. Our professionals design your boxes for invitation in such a way that it automatically speaks for its brand.

Satisfy your client

Every brand gives priority to its potential customers. They even design their game boxes according to their customer’s demands. Every company or brand try their level best to satisfy their customer in any way. We are also offering our facilities to build a relationship with our regular customers. We are offering them different services which they are using according to their need like:

Free sampling

3D mock-up

Flat view

Our professionals are assisting them without taking any additional charges. Our company also provide free shipping to them. They receive their desire to uniquely design a game box at their doorstep.

Boost your Games Business

There are so many competitors in this industry and everyone wants to design their packaging in an alluring way. Therefore, attractive packaging also improves brand sales. Marketing research plays an important role in boosting your business. Brands run their ad campaigns on social media platforms which increases their customers worldwide. People spend their most of time on these platforms. Therefore, they have all the necessary information about different inventions which are happening across the world.

Magnificently designed game boxes grab their user’s attention even when it is placed on the shelf of the market or game shop.

Games Boxes at Wholesale Rates

Companies that are dealing in game packaging offer their services like free sampling and ready-made boxes. Customers first saw the packaging sample even before buying it, they have a rough idea on their mind that how their packaging looks in real.  Their potential customers buy these boxes in bulk and also at wholesale rates. Our company also giving free services to our customers, we deliver their orders on time and also at reasonable rates. So that people can easily afford it.

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