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We all saw an Instagram post a few days ago by the nation’s heartthrob, the one and only Mahira Khan. The caption was what drew people’s attention, and it quickly spread like wildfire on social media. Mahira is known for her fascinating subtitles, but who would have guessed she’d end up confessing to infidelity in one of them? Yup! You read that correctly. But do you find that difficult to believe? Click here to buy Pakistani Clothes online.

That is some cheating we females have been guilty of at some point in our lives and can thus completely empathize with how our diva may have felt. However, we decided to make the most of this guilt trip by going down memory lane and sharing our all-time top 5 fav White looks with you!

And, without further ado, let’s scroll down and determine. Which of these hypnotic style statements you’ll choose as your look of the season!

Starting with the Queen of Whites, Mahira is giving us some huge style cues in this bold yet basic ensemble, complete with elaborate detailing. The combo of gharara with a short shirt is an all-time favorite, especially in the summer. When you want to look glammed up without breaking out in sweats during the gathering.


Long shirts are all the rage this season. And we couldn’t be happier because nothing says pure elegance like this. In this sweltering weather, the loose-fit vibe is all you need to slay on all your luncheons and brunches.

That is yet another creative approach to dress in a white outfit. And our very own Hania Amir demonstrates how a classic touch to the look can never go wrong. A long flowy Angrakha with faux mirror work all throughout is unquestionably ideal for a Bari Eid appearance. Combine this with some rusty silver traditional jewelry and prepare to channel your inner Anaarkali!

Who better to look to for style inspiration than our very own celebrity stylist, Alishay Adnan. Who never fails to bring out fresh outfits that are easy to wear for all of your day-to-day functions? An intricately adorned straight shirt, true-fit cigarette pants, and a delicately embroidered dupatta. To finish the ensemble is an excellent choice for all of your evening soirees this Summer.

Last but not least, if you’re feeling daring enough to go the additional mile with your appearance. This Peshwas is exactly what you need in your closet. The delicate embroidered patterns on organza, together with the stunning decorations around the neckline, give a sleek and modern style – ideal for a night out.

Which of these White beauties will be your go-to style this Summer? For us, it’s the second option because nothing says summer like a simple and flowy dress.

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