Most Common AC Problems That Require Repairs

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Most Common AC Problems That Require Repairs

If you want to know more details about the most common AC problems in Ahmedabad. Here we are explaining the top 16 AC problems that generally need AC service or Ac Repair in Ahmedabad.

Top 16 AC Problems:

1) Low Coolant:

If the car AC is not cooling and there is no cool air coming out from it even after turning to different fan speeds then it’s a problem of low coolant level caused by the leaking radiator hose. You need to get this fix instantly as it can damage both your AC compressor and radiator.

2) Driving on Empty Refrigerant Gas Tank:

Running out of the refrigerant gas tank is actually an expensive matter since driving with Ac service in Ahmedabad without gas for too long can actually damage the Ac compressor. Driving Ac on an empty Ac tank will definitely cost you heavy Ac repairs in Ac Service Centre.

3) Accumulation of Dust:

Dust accumulation is one common Ac problem that needs to be addressed immediately. The dust present in the Ac vents or inside it decreases its cooling capacity and also blocks the airflow by clogging up the system components which are not easy to reach.

4) Low Freon Level:

If your car AC is hot even when set at the lowest fan speed then it’s a sign of reduced levels of refrigerant due to leakage in AC lines or if any faulty seals are causing this issue, then need immediate Ac service/repair since it can cause Ac compressor damage.  AC Service in Vadodara is the only solution to get back your AC cooling capacity.

5) Low or High Pressure of Freon Gas:

The pressure of Ac gas is very important for its proper working and when there are any pressure fluctuations despite being at normal levels then it needs immediate Ac service/repair since high Ac pressures might be causing leaks in some system components while low Ac pressures might just mean that you need more gas charging that would cost heavy Ac repairs after AC service. It’s better to keep a check on the pressurization of refrigerant gas with regular inspection by an A/C technician especially during the summer season so as to avoid expensive Ac Repair bills.

6) Leak in Refrigerant Ac Lines:

Driving Ac with leaks in Ac lines can cause severe Ac damage and it is a common Ac problem that needs Ac service. There are many kinds of Ac leaks such as refrigerant leaks, oil or glycol leaks, etc.

7) Leaking Seals:

Leaking seals is actually an expensive matter since leaking seals lead to leakage of Freon gas which is the main reason behind most of the heating problems in car ACs.

8) Faulty Fan Speed Controllers:

This is one Ac problem that needs Ac service since defective fan speed controllers might cause damage to the compressor if not fixed soon after Ac inspection/service. The reason behind this issue is bad contact which leads to fluctuating voltage thus damaging the Ac components due to low or high voltages. Not just this, it’s better to have a check on electrical components as well if you find any issues with them then need immediate Ac service/repair by ATLAS AIRCON – Ac Service Center.

9) Faulty Expansion Valve:

The expansion valve acts as a pressure regulator and reduces pressure from super-high or super-low levels to Ac operating range. If there is an issue with this Ac part then not just Ac cooling the Ac compressor also might stop working since it requires constant pressure for Ac to function without overheating or freezing. So, if you find any such indication then it’s Ac service which you need immediately after Ac inspection/service.

10) Clogged/Leaking Condenser Coil:

When the condenser coil gets clogged by dust etc. Ac performance is really badly hampered which results in low A/C performance along with high energy usage making your car run inefficiently thus requiring Ac service along with Ac replacement of coils which can be done by certified technicians like ATLAS AIRCON AC Repair in Ahmedabad.

11) Faulty Fan Motor:

An Ac fan motor is an Ac part that runs an Ac fan belt. A defective Ac fan motor might fail to work and this problem needs immediate Ac service/repair since the Fan Ac part has many moving parts inside with electricity running through them thus leading to major Ac components damage if it fails to operate efficiently. Sometimes faulty A/C wiring can be the reason for such issues and in such cases, you need A/C rewiring after Ac service.

12) Blown Fuse:

If there is a blown fuse then it’s an assurance that there’s some issue with Voltage flow that needs immediate attention before the problem gets worse. You can’t even run the Ac blower when the main Ac fuse blows out which makes it necessary for you to get Ac service to avoid Ac damage.

13) Loose Fittings:

 Loose fitting in-car Ac systems may cause leakage of Freon gas which reduces the cooling capacity of Ac thus leading to Ac repair bill after Ac inspection.

Leaks can generally be fixed by Ac service/repair since Ac gas is like an invisible mixture available in liquid form under high pressure and it takes some time to convert Ac gas into liquid (at atmospheric temperature) thus preventing any leakage if the Ac cooling line gets a small hole. In such cases, Ac service is a must along with Ac repair.

15) Ac Smells Of Burning Dust:

If you find this type of smell coming from car AC then it’s not a big issue as it will go off once Ac cools but if this continues even after Ac cooling then Ac has dust inside its components which needs Ac service for Ac inspection to check whether there is any damage due to Ac overheating or Ac parts are clear of dust thus preventing further damage.

16) Other Common Issues with Ac are Low Cooling, Mild Smells, and Slow Operation:

These problems might need Ac repair since Ac requires Freon gas which is like an invisible mixture available in liquid form under high pressure and it takes some time to convert Ac gas into liquid (at atmospheric temperature) thus preventing any leakage if the Ac cooling line gets a small hole. 

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