Most Common Issues Where Laptop Repair Services Can Help

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You can’t deny the fact that the corporate world totally depends on electronic devices, whether it’s a computer or laptop. Since the last many years, laptops have seen vast upgrades and become more and more compact. With the latest versions, laptops started facing issues while using.

Usually, your laptops bear all the daily workload, which is why it stops functioning. Further, sometimes it goes to non-working mode. At this time, users search for laptop repair services in their area. And it is the right decision to ask for expert advice. Well, there are many issues that cause a problem in everyday working. So, in this article, we will mention some common laptop problems that demand laptop repairing experts.

Common Signs To Call Laptop Repair Service

1. The battery charging issue

The laptop’s battery life is about 2 to 4 years. But it doesn’t mean that you will replace the battery once it stops charging. There could be many other reasons that laptop repairing services nearby your region can fix. Well, we suggest you first try fixing the issues, if not then you can replace them. 

Now have a look over the reasons behind battery charging issues. 

Adapter Cable

If the battery isn’t charging, then the reason could be damaged charging cord. It is easy to replace at any shop or center.

The issue in the charging port

When the light indicator doesn’t turn on while connecting the charger to the laptop, the port might be broken. Moreover, in this situation, it would work only when you will hold the cable at a specific angle or position.

This situation demands a laptop repair expert that can repair your laptop. Also, they need to repair all laptop parts internally. However, it is really a quick task for experts; they will charge their labor cost of part cost (if any).

Battery issue of a laptop 

It demands a good repairing service. Furthermore, it will cost you as much as a battery replacement. But a few models don’t allow the battery compartment to open. It simply means that you need to ship your device to the manufacturer’s company for repair.

2. Overheating 

Well, overheating is a very common laptop issue. Mostly it occurs when you use the laptop for five years or more.

Sometimes, laptops’ air vents or fans collect dust with the passing time. It leads to the issue of overheating. It’s highly suggested that you never use a laptop by putting them on your lap. If the surface is getting hot after using a desk or table, it means you need to take a moment and cool down your device.

  • First, turn off the charger and disconnect the power cord.
  • If possible, open the compartment of the battery
  • Your device will take at least 10 minutes to cool down
  • If the battery is extremely hot, then you need to replace it.
  • There are chances that air vents are clogged. Use a cotton cloth to wipe dust.
  • Ensure using the device on a hard as well as a flat base.
  • You can buy a cooling pad.
  • Most of the time, a bedsheet, pillow, and even your lap restrict the airflow.

Following the above-listed tips, is it isn’t working? Well, it’s high time to head towards repairing services.

3. Laptop freezing when shutting down

You might have faced the problem of suddenly shutting down while working on your laptop. It seems frustrating, but the data is lost and switched off without saving important files. This situation may stress you regarding the laptop’s condition.

Well, the first thing is to check whether the fan is working harder. If it works to harden, then it will create more harsh noise. When this is the situation, you have to go to a surface pro repair in your area. They will solve the issue of sudden freezing, or the laptop shuts down. Moreover, they will test from the bottom and follow the essential prevention from dust. It will prevent dirt from blocking the processor and clogging up from cooling.

4. Battery drain problem in laptop

Generally, a laptop battery can work for 4 to 5 hours without charging. But if it is draining within one or two hours, there is definitely a battery issue. Start limiting the task open at a time in your system. It drains the battery fastly. So avoid multitasking on a window. You need to open the settings then disable the Bluetooth and WiFi options. Furthermore, keep brightness low and turn on ‘Energy Saving’ mode.

If you have done all of them but still your laptop battery drains fast, consulting repairing services is left. They might help to repair your battery. Also, they will suggest if your The problem in turning on the laptop

5. Laptop not turning on 

If you press the power, but still your laptop doesn’t turn on, then charge it. When your laptop doesn’t turn on, it could be a complete failure. 

There could be signs like laptops not making any sound or no light turning on. But the solution is to consult an expert on laptops. The problem could be motherboard failure, DC jack failure, or any other. A laptop repair service person can detect it. They can tell you whether the battery requires replacement or repairing. 

6. Non-responding keyboards

We understand the frustration of non-responsive keyboards. There are many reasons for no response keyboard like;

  • You might have turned on the num lock.
  • Another one is dust collected between the keys.
  • The keyboard keys are damaged.

If you are facing any of these issues, first try to clean the laptop’s keyboard by yourself. If keys are still not responding, head towards expert services.


Your laptop may face many issues after the warranty period. It could be hard drive failure, a malfunction of the processor, a failed motherboard, and many more. So, save your device and consult a laptop repair in Singapore or your nearby locations. It will give your system in expert hands. Moreover, you would be able to know the state of your laptop’s components.

Above all, we have discussed the top 6 most common laptop issues that demand laptop repairing. This article might cover all your issues. If you have any doubt, contact us whenever necessary.

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