Moving Long-Distance? Here’s How to Prepare for the Road Ahead

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A long-distance move is no small feat! The physical challenges involved in packing up your life and transporting it hundreds (or even thousands) of miles are just the start— It can also take a toll on your emotional state.


As you prepare to leave your old living space and surrounding community behind, there are many things you can do to smooth out the road ahead. Read on for tips on how to pack properly and prevent damage to your belongings, so you can relax, process your emotions, and enjoy the ride to your new life!


  • Stock Up on Supplies


Start by stocking up on supplies! You’ll need strong boxes or bins, extra cushioning, and plenty of packing tape. If you’re moving with kids, don’t forget to stock up on snacks and drinks to keep them happy and hydrated during the packing process.


  • Use Bins or Strong Boxes


You might be tempted to use whatever boxes you have lying around. Trust me, though, this is no time to skimp! You don’t want all your belongings bouncing around inside flimsy cardboard boxes during the move, do you?


Using strong boxes is essential for a successful long-distance move. These will help stop your stuff from getting damaged during the long ride to your destination.


  • Enlist Extra Cushioning


Since everything you own will be schlepped along a long and winding road, you should use extra cushioning to protect it. Packing peanuts and bubble wrap work well, as do soft belongings such as blankets and towels if you aim to be sustainable!


Pro Tip: If you have pets, you can try using their food and toys as cushioning. That way, you won’t make your furry friends furious by forgetting them.


  • Pack as if You Are Playing Tetris


As you pack everything up, pretend you are playing a game of Tetris! By this I mean pack it all in as tightly as possible so there is minimal movement during the move. This is one of the best ways to prevent breakage during transit.


  • Disperse Weight


Distribute the weight of your belongings as evenly as possible as you pack your bins (not flimsy cardboard boxes!) and pile them into your moving vehicle. In other words, don’t put all the heavy things in one box and light ones in another!


An even weight distribution will make for a much smoother ride, protecting your goodies from getting jostled more than they have to as they travel to your new abode.


  • Take Your Time


Packing can be a time-consuming process, I know. It’s important to take your time and do it right, though! If you rush through the process, the less-than-satisfactory condition of your stuff could snuff out your excitement as you arrive at your new pad.


Have a short attention span? Set aside time each day to pack. Eventually, everything will be packed away securely and ready to handle the ride.


  • Give Significant Items Some TLC


Things that matter to you most deserve a little extra tender loving care, don’t you think? Whether something is significant in size, value, or the comfort it provides when you are feeling blue, you should take extra measures to ensure it stays safe.


  • Protect Your Valuables


It’s better to be safe than sorry when it comes to your most precious possessions! Lavish items like jewelry and personal safety items such as guns should be locked up securely, preferably in a biometric or RFID-controlled safe.


Secure your most valuable possessions to prevent them from breaking and stop them from getting into the wrong hands should something go wrong.


  • Break Down Big Items


Big furniture items such as bed frames and bookshelves should be broken down before you begin your journey! They may seem stable enough on solid ground, but a long-distance move entails a lot more movement than they are built for.


Breaking down large items not only spares them from unnecessary stress but also saves you space so you can fit more of your favorites inside one vehicle.


  • Ask for Professional Help


Packing, protecting, and transporting all your possessions is a huge endeavor! Sure, it might be possible to complete the process all on your own. Professional help takes a lot of the stress off your shoulders, though, and it usually leads to a more successful outcome.


  • Rent a Dumpster


As you pack, you will probably need to do away with a few items that don’t deserve to participate in your new life. They do need a place to go, though! You can donate some, although others will likely need to be recycled or thrown out.


Have you accumulated a lot of junk? Renting a dumpster can save you time and offer you peace of mind. Make sure to rent from a company that will sort it and send it to the proper sites.


  • Hire a Professional Hauler


Moving often involves many steps and stressors! If you’re feeling overwhelmed or are uncomfortable driving a moving truck, you should consider hiring a professional to safely transport your stuff to your sparkly new abode.


A professional can take care of the heavy lifting and lift much of the weight of moving off of your shoulders. You can even hire a hauler to transport landscaping materials so you can start prettying up your new yard as soon as possible.


Follow these tips, and you will turn a long and winding road into a relaxing ride. Take a deep breath, give yourself plenty of time, pack like the proscalculate your costs, and enjoy the journey ahead!