MSP Tools for IT service providers [Security]

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The responsibilities of the position and how it helps MSPs safeguard the data of their clients.

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Penetration Test

Penetration tests determine if a computer system or network is vulnerable.

System testing methods used by MSPs include:

  • Exploring ports and open services
  • There is a small weak point
  • Using known vulnerabilities
  • Attacks of great intensity
  • Creating and Building New Solutions

Here is what I think…there is the EVERYBODY stuff…that is remote management, patch management, help desk, vCIO, onsite services, backup and disaster recovery, security…that won’t make you unique and you’ll just blend in with everyone out there.

For MSPs to be able to improve the security of their customers’ systems, login testing can be useful MSP tool. The MSPs can help their customers solve problems before hackers can exploit them by identifying and using vulnerabilities. The public safety system must include penetration tests and conduct them regularly. It can, however, assist organizations in improving their security.

Regular Process of Backing up files

As a final measure, MSPs back up client data periodically. Businesses can use this layer of protection to restore important files in the event of a cyber attack. By backing up data offsite, MSPs enable organizations to recover quickly and efficiently from any type of breach or disaster while minimizing data loss.

MSPs back up data in a variety of ways. Backing up files to tape drives, for example, involves copying them to the drives to store them. Large organizations with limited storage space on network servers often make use of this type of backup.

IT service providers should consolidate for several reasons

Over time, the IT department’s collection of applications, platforms, and vendors can become chaotic and disobedient, just like well-used tools. Particularly true for managed service providers (MSPs) who pay attention to customer needs at their own expense.

Approximately 92% of service providers have begun consolidation, and 70% plan to further consolidate, according to a research report by Acronis, a technology company that develops cybersecurity solutions.

Consolidation takes the complexity out of a typical IT infrastructure, In your control panel you see [recent] patches, updates, attacks, restores, and backup health. This will improve the reliability and security of your network.

Working in a consolidated IT environment helps service providers generate more revenue.

Streamlined services help you save money

According to research, MSP saves about $ 230,000 by combining its cyber security, backup, and disaster recovery services.

What is the exact method?

Personnel and training are the keys. MSPs need to start training new salespeople as soon as they hire them. Those employees, in turn, must train their clients.

These learning curves are greatly simplified when working with a single interface. The support process is simplified as well.

Most service providers look at the amount of time a technician spends per workload per customer. Our solution reduces the time each technician spends on each customer.

After security incidents, this is especially important.

Reduce Human mistakes

Research shows that most MSPs use multiple vendors to provide what their customers need: 14 SaaS products in total. This is the only application they know of.

Such complex application suites can lead to costly and even dangerous errors. When you install a lot of equipment, something can break, and with one component failing, the whole system can go down.

This is especially true in the world of remote and hybrid work. By centralizing its use and its customers, MSPs can mitigate the potential for human error. Technicians make fewer mistakes – when they have a standardized approach to protecting against the workloads of different jobs and customers.

Fewer losses can mean higher profits for MSPs —lower costs and more reliability for their customers.

Customers have less risk, they can return to the company faster if something happens, and they don’t have to pay for various additional equipment, so that’s a lower price for them in the end. of the day.

Technology That Competes

Machine intelligence is at the center of a new arms race in the IT world. To optimize their organizations, ambitious enterprises invest in artificial intelligence, machine learning, and other automation technologies.

Taking part in a race can be costly for small and medium-sized enterprises. An integrated IT environment makes it easier to do this.

Infrastructure management becomes easier for IT professionals … thanks to AI.

This can also boost profits.

MSPs can accomplish a great deal more in lesser time thanks to technology.

At ExterNetworks, we provide complete technology lifecycle support, which includes design, deployment, and 24/7 IT managed services / IT MSP support.

Improving security

97% of those surveyed said they were concerned about potential cyber security breaches impacting their clients’ IT systems. 49% of clients admit to not fully trusting their own MSP’s security services, and more than half do not fully trust their current cyber security vendors.

Magdanurov does not find this surprising. It is up to the MSPs to deliver the tools that will protect their clients. Clients may also run their security software.

MSPs are easy targets because they combine their IT with vendors. They have the most sophisticated protection systems available. Suppose the worst were to happen?

Cybersecurity is the combination of all these different capabilities. You have everything working together when there is an event – and there’s always an event.

Managed service providers can benefit from partnerships with their IT MSP vendors as their businesses become more complex.

Spend time developing a relationship. Get to know your success manager. Learn about your products and services. While we’re dealing with zero, we’re really dealing with people doing business with people.


MSPs provide businesses with a variety of cybersecurity services to protect their data and systems from cyberattacks. MSPs can help organizations of all sizes stay safe online by providing risk assessment, prevention, incident response, and recovery services.

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