Must Have Upgrades for Jeeps! Summer 2022!

Summertime is Jeep time and with the right upgrades and accessories, this could be your best Jeep summer yet. Take a look at all the great gear you can get. Enjoy off-roading and the outdoors even more with a little help from your Jeep.

Off-Road Tires & Rims

If you’ve had winter tires on your ride, you can take them off now. Even if you had all-purpose tires, switching to an off-road tire in the summer is a good idea. Look for Jeep wheels and tires that accommodate how and where you drive, such as:

  • Mud-Terrain:Wide spaces between lugs give you the bite you want off-road. They are noisy and have poor handling on highways.
  • All-Terrain:If you are on the highway more than the dirt trails, get this tire. It can handle both off-roading and street driving but gives you a much better ride on paved roads.
  • Hybrid: These tires have the big mud lugs on the outer edge and quieter all-terrain lugs in the center of the tire.

Talk to a tire and rim expert to get the right fit for your Jeep and the way you drive it.

Soft Top Benefits

Every Jeep owner is excited to take the hardtop off in the summer. It’s almost a ritual of warmer weather. However, once that hard top is off, you and your ride are exposed to the elements. A nice Wrangler YJ soft top is the perfect solution.

If you want full coverage, go for a complete soft top. This protects everything in the Jeep yet still allows you to feel more at one with nature and your surroundings than your hardtop did.

For more exposure, get a bikini top. These tops cover only the driver and passenger seats. So you get the protection you want from the sun and the rain but the Jeep is still mostly open to the sky. The bikini top is a nice compromise in coverage.

Fun Extras

Get some new seat covers for your Jeep this summer. Custom-fit covers will make your ride look fab and give it a fresh lease on life. In addition, you can choose from one of the many materials that stay cool in hot weather.

Some of the really fun Jeep Gladiator accessories include camping gear. If you’re off-roading, why not make a weekend of it and camp in the wilderness? Try a tent awning that attaches to the side of your Jeep. Just pull it out and you have instant shade.

Roof racks will help you carry all your camping gear. Tailgate trail tables make room for dinner. There are even sleeping tents you can attach to your . Summer is a lot more fun when you and your are sleeping under the stars.

Get a Lift

If you haven’t already, this summer is the time to lift your Jeep. Your off-roading will be more exciting and your Jeep will look so much better. Believe it.

Summer is here. Talk to your favorite Jeep supplier about your upgrades and accessories Read More

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