Need a Timeshare Cancellation Company? Here are 5 Top Timeshare Cancellation Companies

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If you are bearing the heavy burden of timeshare, you might feel stuck in a never-ending cycle. Getting out of a timeshare can be such a nightmare. It’s a burden that you don’t need to carry in your life anymore. 

The solution is to find a trustworthy timeshare exit company to help you move on for good. However, finding a company that can live up to its promises can be difficult. Fortunately, some trustworthy exit companies can get out of the timeshare prison. 

This post will help you select the top timeshare cancellation companies to help you eliminate your timeshare contract.  

List of Timeshare Exit Companies 

With the help of a reliable and trustworthy timeshare exit company, you can quickly terminate your timeshare problems. These companies make it possible to end your timeshare troubles finally. 

Here is the list of top timeshare cancellation companies

  • Wesley Financial Group 
  • Seaside Consulting Group 
  • Timeshare Specialists 
  • Timeshare Compliance 
  • Resolution Timeshare 

Wesley Financial Group 

Have you ever heard of Wesley Financial Group? It’s a timeshare cancellation company headquartered in Tennessee and Nevada. The company specializes in helping people exit their timeshare contracts. They also offer a free consultation. What’s interesting is that they provide a unique process that can help you eliminate timeshare mortgage debt as well. Apparently, not every timeshare exit company can do that. 

Wesley has higher success rates and an impressive online presence. Regardless it’s good to know that they offer a 100% money-back guarantee. It’s worth checking them out if you want to exit your timeshare contract. 

Seaside Consulting Group 

Seaside Consulting Group has been the best timeshare exit company operating since 2014. The company is located in Encinitas, California, and claims to eliminate the timeshare liabilities within the given time. The services offered by the company set them apart from other timeshare cancellation companies. Some of the fantastic features of the company are credit protection, A+ graded with BBB, operation on weekends, escrow payment options, Spanish-speaking agents, and more. 

Timeshare Specialists  

Another best timeshare cancellation company is Timeshare Specialists. It has been working in this industry for more than 15 years. They claim to exit the timeshare contract within the given time, or the maximum time the company takes to terminate a timeshare is 12 weeks. Moreover, the company offers various exit strategies to exit timeshare. In fact, they can make the best strategy according to your timeshare exit case. 

Timeshare Compliance 

Timeshare Compliance is one of Aliso Viejo, California’s best timeshare cancellation companies. It has been operating since 2012 and claims to be an advocacy group. The company is not a law firm but uses legal experts to eliminate the timeshare contract. So, if you are looking for a trustworthy and genuine company, you can sign a deal with Timeshare Compliance. Additionally, the company offers an escrow payment option to build its trust with the clients. With the escrow payment, you’ll pay the total amount of the timeshare exit after exiting the timeshare deal. 

Resolution Timeshare 

Resolution Timeshare is another timeshare cancellation company working in this industry since 2019. The company aims to help owners eliminate their timeshare contracts within the given time. In case the company cannot terminate the agreement within the given time or if the client is not happy with the working procedure of the company. Then they can leave the company and get a complete refund for the timeshare exit case.   


In conclusion, if you’re one of those timeshare owners who want to exit their timeshare liabilities. Then you can hire a genuine and reliable company such as Timeshare Compliance. It is one of thetop timeshare cancellation companies that successfully eliminates the timeshare responsibilities from the owner’s life without any hassles.  

Hope it helps!