Why should you buy the Nextbox wireless range extender?

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The Nextbox wireless range extender is one of the most preferable and easy-to-use extenders in the present-day generation. The extender is a dual-band wifi extender that supports both 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz radiofrequency. The range coverage area of the extender is up to 3000 square feet and can be connected up to 32 devices. This extender removes all the dead zones from your house and in the whole of your house, you can get an equal range and connection speed. The extender eliminates all the dead zones with weak signals in your room. This wifi extender has limitless features and for this advantage people like this product the most. Here we will discuss some of the most preferable advantages for which the product is growing limitlessly. 

Amazing features of nextbox wireless range extender

The Nextbox wireless range extender is a dual-band wifi extender. It is applicable for both 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz. The 2.4 GHz radio frequency can provide a maximum speed of 300 Mbps and the 5 GHz radio frequency can provide a maximum speed of 867 Mbps. The difference is that the 2.4 radio frequency has a higher range coverage area and the 5 GHz radio frequency has a limited range coverage area though it can provide its maximum speed up to 867 Mbps. This extender is applicable for all smart products like iPhone, iPad, Alexa,

Smart TV, Laptop, Android devices, PCs and Smart plugs, etc. 

2.4GHZ and 5GHZ dual-band frequencies 

In case you need a boost in your performance for high demanding activities, you can cover yourself for that moment. You can recover yourself when you need high-speed performance. Yes, you got right. The extender has a “High-Speed Mode” in itself. Using which you will get the high speed of the internet. In the Nextbox wifi range extender, you can use the high-speed mode as one dedicated wifi band as a backhaul and another as the access point mode to maximize the bandwidth on the wifi extender. 

Easy configuration of nextbox wireless range extender

In the high-speed mode, the extender delivers you the speed you need to stream or anything you wish like gaming or want to send large files online at the same time without worrying about lag of connection or whatsoever. These all are possible when you turn on the high-speed mode. If you want any technical support then you can also visit our official website re.nextbox.home. Here the easiest configurations are suggested!

The universal compatibility of the extender:

The wifi extender is compatible with all brands of the router or other home wifi providers. It can be connected to any type of home wifi provider or access point. The extender can strengthen your wifi network even at 2.4 GHz radio frequency, though it changes its compatibility over time. This extender boosts your existing home wifi range, delivers AC dual-band wifi up to 300 Mbps. But, you should always be aware of the common distance between the router and the extender. 

So, while setting up, make sure that the distance between the wifi router and the extender is proper or not. Because, if you place your extender much far from the wifi router then you may not be able to get the range. Therefore place your extender nearby the router as it gets the proper range. The small size of the extender makes it possible to place it anywhere. You just need to plug it into a socket to place it.

Super and easy connection: Nextbox wireless range extender

This device is able to provide all three kinds of needs – The Access Point mode, The Repeater mode, and the Router mode. Repeater Mode is for extending the wifi coverage of an existing wireless network. The extender picks the home router’s network to each part of your house. The Access Point mode is for covering a wired network to a wireless network. It picks up the wired network to itself and transfers the network to the surrounding area. And the Router mode is made up for creating an instant private wireless network. By pressing the WPS button, you can also expand the wireless coverage easily. 

In fact, the Nextbox wireless range extender is a thing of satisfaction. You can buy it for both home use and office use as it is a dual-band wifi extender. This extender doesn’t show any issue if you are using it correctly. But you should maintain the distance between the router and the extender as the extender gets the maximum range from the router.

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