NextGen: The EHR Software for the Next Era

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Why invest in NextGen Software?

NextGen Healthcare is an award-winning solution that includes committed support and expert services. Enterprise EHR offers the practice customizable clinical information Nextgen Medical Software , intuitive workflows, and a unified customer experience system that integrates telehealth technology. Smartphones are now the extension to your EHR and can save precious time. Cloud hosting that is managed ensures your practice is secure and makes it easy to upgrade; however, there are options for on-premise services.

NextGen(r) Enterprise PM supports patient registration and scheduling, eligibility verification, and pre-service financial clearing. It also supports rule-based charge creation, claims processing and scrubbing, and A/R management, as well as collections and reporting. Your healthcare company can benefit from the latest technologies and services from professionals integrated into the EHR or PM systems. The system can improve engagement with patients and better manage the revenue flow, enhance the management of your patient’s number, and improve communication with other healthcare providers. NextGen EMR Office is a cloud-based EHR specifically designed to help you manage your practice’s growth, save staff time, and boost the number of patients. The fully integrated billing and clinical platform comes with specialized EHR content accessible via mobile devices, automated revenue cycle management software, and a user-friendly patient portal.

Current version of software

NextGen(r) Healthcare continued to improve on the popularity of the first year’s combined Application and Knowledge Base Module (KBM) release by adding new features and improvements to the latest version Version 5.9. 2/8.4. 2.


5 Fascinating Features of Nextgen Software

NextGen Healthcare is significantly more user-friendly than other EHR Software. It offers interoperability features that make it easier to use with other systems.some of are;


Improved workflows through integrated capabilities

Web-based EHR allows e-prescribing and connections to significant laboratories, a room status dashboard consolidating patient information, including billing and reports.

Optimized for cloud-based computing and every platform

Compatible with any tablet, smartphone, desktop, or laptop–touchscreen-enabled, ONC-Certified, and HIPAA-compliant.

Clearinghouse, PM is fully integrated and integrated

Make billing simpler and use the revenue cycle management capabilities to assist staffing and denial management.

Increased outreach and communication send appointment emails and text reminders, Direct messaging online, faxing virtual visits, and email reminders. Get an integration for free with ZocDoc.

Simple-to-use analytics and reporting

Enhance compliance with reporting requirements for MACRA/MIPS and more detailed practice-wide financial analytics and business intelligence.



request a Nextgen demo to see how you can satisfy quality measures and remove distractions that get in the way of care.

Watch a pain management demo to see how you can satisfy quality meare.

Best EMR For PAIN Management

Pain is the primary reason in people’s decision-making process seeking the healthcare system and a significant cause of healthcare expenses. Next-gen of  Pediatric EHR offers a pain-management clinic EHR and software for managing practice to help alleviate pain and enhance the quality of life for sufferers suffering from chronic, acute, or cancerous. These can also be tailored for treatment with pharmacological agents, interventional techniques, and alternative therapies (about a 23percent of people are averse to homeopathic medicine, and 22% favor alternative medical practices over standard medical treatments.

Some of the features

Flexible patients’ portal

Our apps allow you to communicate, touch or write full SOAP notes on the iPad and iPad Mini, connect online and begin charting. The ability to chat on tablets near the time of treatment improves efficiency and improves relationships between doctor and patient.

Web-based pain management practice

We offer EHR Solutions for managing pain and provide low-cost, secure, web-based practice management and clearinghouse solutions for practices of all sizes. It is possible to access the system anywhere securely you connect to the internet.


Integrated vendor-agnostic interoperability

Our EHR solutions for pain management allow you to quickly connect with your patients, colleagues, hospitals, and non-NextGen systems.

A network of more than 105,000 health professionals

The Pain Management group of the Success Community is your single online source for assistance, educational and documentation materials, and training. The community is available to cast your vote on enhancements to the product and collaborate with other clients on our chatter forums and keep informed with the latest solutions news.




Most reviews give positive feedback because NextGen is a robust EHR that appears to offer solutions for every aspect of medical documentation. It includes Practice Management to manage patient scheduling and billing. They’re excellent at keeping up-to-date on the Regulatory, Prescriptions, and Meaningful Use requirements, which are mandatory.




The software is online-based and thus extremely secure in terms of records storage since can discover data in the future, should it be needed, usually in the case of seeking outpatient information. Additionally, the software permits patients to make appointments online without physically going to the clinic. It also offers a trial version before making a purchase.



The absence of new features, and the absence of a complete integration with both the EHR and the EPM The lack of integration can cause issues during development.


Our Thoughts

We recommend the next-gen because it Drives efficiency by utilizing an intuitive, modern interface. Customizable for your specialty, Compatible on tablet/iPad, ONC 2015 Certified. What else do you need more Read more 



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