Nine Reasons Why Gatlinburg Should be on Your Must-Visit Travel List

Did you know that many stunning photos of Gatlinburg, Tennessee made this small mountainous town the hottest travel destination in the United States?

The reason is that Gatlinburg is the perfect place for every age group to enjoy. It offers a complete family experience, with pet-friendly cabins, kids’ activities, nightlife, cultural exploration, music history, and monuments, among many other undeniable attractions.

Gatlinburg is famous for its Smoky Mountain National Park adventure, with several hiking trails, caverns, jeep rides, smoky mountain views from the highest decks, comfortable lodging, and fine dining.

Apart from this, Gatlinburg features fine wineries, distilleries and breweries, live music, arts and culture, and the most exotic views of nature.

Let us look at some other distinctive features of Gatlinburg that makes this holiday spot more unique and attractive for families.

1.     Camping Grounds

The campgrounds in the heart of the Great Smoky Mountains offer a complete lodging experience, with bonfires, barbeque, swimming hole, volleyball, picnic spots, and a private beach.


You can go camping, rent a cabin, or set up a tent to enjoy your stay in the heart of nature. You can rent your place according to the size of your family.


You do not even need to leave a family member behind because Gatlinburg is a place for everyone. By renting cabins in Gatlinburg TN, you can accommodate multiple people.


These cabin rentals are as big as eight to eleven bedrooms, with a living room, dining room, and kitchen.

All amenities like free Wi-Fi, sewerage, continuous water supply, and free attraction tickets are offered. They also provide wedding services for those who wish for a destination wedding. It would be a perfect spot to get married and make countless memories.

2.     Gatlinburg SkyLift Park

The SkyLift Park Downtown offers a variety of activities, like a play area for kids, a variety of eateries and drinks, and decks with beautiful views.

It is where visitors take a cable car to ride up to the smoky mountains. It is just one way of getting to the top, including hiking and riding. If you cannot hike or ride, you can easily take a cable car to the top.

You reach SkyBridge by taking a chairlift up above that offers breathtaking and the most mesmerizing views of the smoky mountains.

It is 680 feet long and 140 feet high. You can take a chairlift from Downtown to the Smoky Mountains for 2.1 miles ride while enjoying the natural views.

3.     Gatlinburg Space Needle

Gatlinburg Space Needle’s observation tower offers a 360 view of the mountains at the Space Needle deck.

Here, you can take in every part of the mountainous views and get the best shot. You can ascend beyond the town’s skyline from up here. It is a majestic attraction point for photographers and sightseeing.

In addition, it houses a playground called the Arcadia, with all the arcade games you can imagine. It is a paradise for all video game enthusiasts.

It uses cutting-edge technology for the video gaming experience, with LCD and LMD screens, with the option of several players playing at a time.

4.     The Village

It is the ultimate shopping arena for all shopping lovers in Gatlinburg. The Village has 27 shops from where you can buy gifts, souvenirs, accessories, assortments, and clothes.

Apart from that, you will also find farmers selling fresh produce in the Village. The quaint and open atmosphere of the Village sets it apart from all the other shopping centers in Gatlinburg.

Even more remarkable is its European-themed décor and ambiance, with live classical music that plays during peak hours.

5.     Distilleries, Wineries, and Breweries

During your Wine and Shine walk along with Gatlinburg in the evening, you will find several wineries. A guided tour through all the distinct wineries, distilleries, and breweries will let you get access to the top-quality beverages.

You can even find your favorite brands of coffee here in every form.

Most of the shops are near the Smoky Mountains Hotel, including Smoky Mountain Brewery, Tennessee Cider Company, Gatlinburg Brewing Company, and Tennessee Homemade Wines, among several others.

The cigar lounges offer a unique experience with various coffees, teas, wines, and snacks.

6.     Magic Shows and Puppet Shows

With all Gatlinburg’s activities, it does not forget its younger audience. It features magic shows and puppet shows regularly.

Adults also participate in these because they are too enjoyable for people of all ages. Mind reading and theatrical magicians ultimately involve the audience in executing their tricks.

Puppet shows typically run small skits for a valuable lesson for the young audience. Mostly, it is funny, exciting, and thrilling for everyone to enjoy.

These shows take place near one of the parks of Gatlinburg, with swings, slides, and rides for the kids.

7.     Contemporary Art and Culture

Gatlinburg also features a monumental arts and crafts community with outdoor contemporary art pieces that do not only include paintings.

It displays statutes, glass temples, ice sculptures, and shapes made from mold, granite, and sand. It shows the artistic talents of aspiring artists, who usually gain most of their fame at Gatlinburg.

Some artists choose to sell their artwork if they receive a reasonable price.

In addition to that, you will find colorful and creative pottery, hand-stitched quilts, leatherworks, and woodcarving creations, among many more.

You can find these at the Gatlinburg Mass Transit Center, three miles from Downtown Gatlinburg, Tennessee.

8.     Titanic Museum

Gatlinburg does not fall short of ways to mesmerize you. It features a replica of the original Titanic ship that sank.

The museum’s building architecture is such that you will see an upside-down building, with scenes from the ship’s wreckage for the people to see.

You can take a complete guided tour along a 6-mile radius throughout the museum, with living rooms, bedrooms, and concert halls.

Your guide will narrate to you the history of the ship’s architecture. You will get to know how 1,000 artisans built the vessel from the ground up, including its carefully crafted design.


Gatlinburg is a town full of fun-filled activities. The Great Smoky Mountains’ main attraction point with many hiking trails, jeep ride tracks, the SkyBridge, SkyLift Park, camping grounds, fine dining, and great shopping centers.

Apart from this, Gatlinburg also has the Gatlinburg Space Needle, a rich arts and crafts culture, the famous Titanic Museum, and puppet shows and magic shows for the kids.

It is a place for the entire family to spend their family vacations away from their busy schedules and relax. It is the perfect place to spend your next holiday Read More

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