Online Western Dresses Shopping in Pakistan (trends & prices)

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The love for women western wear is increasing by the day. Not only is it popular among girls who readily embrace fashion trends, but also among women of all ages. Since fashion has no end, the variety you can get in western dresses for women is also immense. You see women wearing formal western wear at offices and casual attire during the day. There is an impressive range available today at all Pakistani boutiques and these trendy items are also easily accessible online. Women find it easy to browse different sites of trusted brands, check the latest offerings and shop in minutes. It is as easy as that!

If you want to find out about the latest western dresses in fashion and how you can get the most reasonable prices for these items, then read on.

Shirts for Women for All Occasions

When it comes to shirts, there are so many styles and diverse tastes, but the good news is there is something for everyone. While some may prefer short shirts, others want long ones. Whatever is your preference, you can find all these cuts and styles in all colors. 

Choose shirts with embroideries or neat pleats for a formal event or a graphic printed jersey T-shirt and lightweight cotton denim shirt for your daily wear. Go for the classy style and pair a  long shirt in printed stripes with tights. From half sleeves, long ones to puff sleeves and bell shaped, there is quite a variety. This year long shirts for women are also among the best sellers. So whether you like it short or long, you can count on finding them all. 

Casual Attire for Comfort and Style

The breezy spring is here so take out all those jumpsuits and co-ord sets that look super cute and are a must-have addition for any closet. Find co-ord sets for women that offer a chic style and jumpsuits for any event. From stylish wide-leg jumpsuits to tight ones that look absolutely stunning when worn with heels and accessories, there are many variations to consider. 

How about going for a jumpsuit made in lightweight denim with patch pockets and an elasticated waist with a belt. It will be perfect for hanging out with friends. And if there is a special dinner or event, select the jumpsuit in silky fabric with bow tie detail. Its voluminous sleeves with long cuffs and fabric buttons will look classy and make you the star of the night. The women’s jumpsuits and co-ord sets are available at different price points, but these will surely make your days more relaxed and fun.

Best Selling Tier Dresses

For casual days when you seek comfort and want to have a relaxing day, tier dress in cotton fabric is a perfect choice. Check out the printed and floral tier dresses made in lightweight cotton fabric with short puff sleeves that look super cute. Dresses with smocking on front and back yoke with long cuffed sleeves and frill trims also look charming. For those who want printed floral variety, you can find an impressive range of these too. When it comes to practicality, these are the most functional outfits that can get you through the stickiest summer day. 

Most of these tier dresses cost around Rs. 3000 to 4000 or more depending on the style you opt for. The quality is top-notch which makes it a worthwhile purchase. 

Trendy Tops to Elevate Your Look

In women western dresses, the item that remains most in demand is women tops. You can easily find tops that can work for college or office wear and also for formal events. Many girls prefer to wear casual tops with tights or women’s jeans. You can buy shirts made in cotton fabric, seersucker and poplin fabric. Some shirts come with front buttons with and without a collar with a curved hem or drawcord detail on the hem. You can opt for short puff sleeves with cuffs or folded ones or long raglan long sleeves. Some tops come with patched pockets. Do not forget to check out the crop tops for women that look very cute and chic.

Fancy Tops For Parties and Special Times

For formal events, go for a silky kimono or floral frill top with sleeves or without. These are available in jacquard and also in soft cotton fabric. Loose-fit tops in textured cotton fabric and in jacquard are also quite in and look hot with skirts and tights. Those with knot details on sleeves and hem look quite feminine. Silky tops with bow ties, pleated flare long sleeves are also going strong this season. If you are a fan of animal prints, there are plenty of these too. The tops can be paired with bell-bottoms or a skirt and you are party-ready within no time.

Lowers and Bottoms to go With Different Tops

Match your favorite top with women’s skirts or smart jeans or trousers. For casual tops select leggings, jeans or long jersey wide-leg trousers in lightweight cotton terry fabric with elasticated waistbands and side pockets. Cargo jogger pants with elasticated hem cuffs can also go with daily wear shirts. These bottoms are mostly priced above Rs. 2000 and the formal one can cost over Rs. 3000.

For formal tops, select palazzo pants in textured cotton with side pockets and cuffed hem. Tapered, high-waisted trousers in the soft, drapey fabric also look quite hot. They are available with side pockets and back faux pockets. Striped culottes, viscose jersey culottes and boot-cut flare pants can also go with many formal tops. Also, high-waisted flared pants made in drapey fabric with front button closure and side seam pockets look quite stylish. Be sure to check these also when you go shopping.

When it comes to jeans it can go with both casual and formal tops.  You can check black jeans women section and opt for mid-rise skinny-fit jeans with 5 pockets, skinny jeans, cropped wide-leg jeans and more. 

Other than jeans and pants, there is a great assortment of long skirts for women. You can find printed floral varieties with fixed belts. For special occasions opt for the elegant skirt made in velour pleated fabric or embroidered skirts. 

Check the awesome variety, be inspired and update your spring wardrobe now.

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