Or make a duplicate car key?

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Or duplicate your car keys? If you are asking yourself these questions, it is because you are rather far-sighted! Therefore, several solutions are available to you: either call an automotive locksmith or have a duplicate at a dealership. Find out why we advise you to choose an automotive locksmith!

Duplicate car keys at an automotive locksmith

We advise you to contact a locksmith Tampa specializing in car keys to duplicate your vehicle keys. This craftsman, who, thanks to his technological know-how, will be able to reproduce your car key identically. Here are the tasks he can perform:

He will provide you with a so-called classic key based on his code number.

He can also make you another transponder (an electronic part with a unique code located in the key and the contactor).

Plus, the wait time will be much quicker than if you choose to call your dealership. Indeed, in just a few minutes, a perfect copy of your car keys will be given to you.

Duplicate car keys at a dealership

If you want to call a dealer, the latter will send you to their workshop to make a duplicate transponder key. The waiting time will therefore be quite long. In addition, if you wish to duplicate your keys, you must, therefore, at least have your vehicle registration document. If you have the code numbers of your key’s identity card, that will be enough. The delivery time for your duplicate keys will be between one and two weeks, so much longer than if you go to an automotive locksmith. In addition, the price range will be higher!

Duplicate car keys at a simple locksmith

If you want to duplicates your car keys, you may have already thought of going to a simple locksmith in Tampa. Indeed, even if he can duplicate house keys, he does not have the qualities or the tools to make you a duplicate of your car keys. So no need to move or call on him!

Part needed to make a duplicate car key

To duplicate your keys, you must therefore present yourself with:

Your registration card or the code numbers of your key’s identity card.

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