Paraphrasing Helps You to Enhance Your Writing Skills for IELTS Test?

Are you living in a country where English is not the first language, and you want to move to a country where it is the native language? If yes, you probably have to pass the IELTS test. Passing each module with the required band is also essential for everyone to gain admission to a college/university. Besides that, the embassy can also reject the visa if you don’t pass the IELTS. That is why you need to prepare yourself for each module and get higher bands to open the gates of opportunities for yourself.

According to many experts, training for and getting good bands in listening, speaking, and reading is comparatively easier than writing. That is why many IELTS students fail to achieve the expected results in writing module tests. 

This article is for beginners who know nothing about writing and don’t want to fail the test. You could be thinking that I have seen and read thousands of tips, what is unique in this article. It will help you know how you can improve your writing skills with paraphrasing techniques.

Before jumping to the tips and tricks, let’s briefly look at paraphrasing!

What is Paraphrasing?

Paraphrasing is a technique of writing someone else’s ideas and words into your own words without changing the actual meaning. This technique is commonly used and accepted in multiple kinds of writings. There are various benefits of paraphrasing a text. Some of them are mentioned below;

  • It makes a text more readable and accurate
  • It helps students better understand the ideas
  • This technique improves the vocabulary 
  • Paraphrasing can help students learn about different writing styles and expressions
  • Paraphrasing removes plagiarism and makes your content unique

This technique is commonly used for blogging purposes, and many people don’t know its other incredible benefits as they rarely think outside the box.

Coming to our actual question!

How Can Paraphrasing Sharpen Writing Skills?

You may probably think that paraphrasing cannot improve your writing skills, but believe me or not, you will see the magic once you start practising it. Although writing mock tests and other tips are also helpful, paraphrasing is a valuable addition to your preparation.

Let’s read how it helps in IELTS preparation!

Develops Vocabulary

Building a great vocabulary is essential for people as it helps IELTS applicants leave a great impression on the examiners and checking team. When writers use uncommon, extraordinary, and appropriate words, the examiners can’t help appreciating the text and awarding better bands. On the other hand, those who use only general vocabulary don’t get their preferred bands. That is why every tutor suggests their students regularly deposit new words into their vocabulary bank. Having a decent amount of words at a vocabulary bank helps in getting their desired bands and boosts confidence. Do you feel that we are dragged from the original point? Not at all. This brief discussion was essential for learning the benefits of vocabulary.

Students and writers are bound to find the most relevant synonyms in paraphrasing, as paraphrasing is almost impossible without them. That is how they learn different words every day and enhance their vocabulary. While searching for the synonyms, students have to make a bit more effort to find in which particular circumstances those words can be used. It can help them build an excellent vocabulary and pass the IELTS writing test with more than eight bands.

Improves Writing Style

Everyone has a unique writing style, and their writings follow a specific pattern. When the students paraphrase the essays and texts of IELTS test writers, they learn new writing styles, which ultimately improve their own. In addition, they learn different ways to write down the same thing, which assists them in their writing test. Students can also analyze which writing style is better and which particular modifications can make their writings better than ever.

On the other hand, when students don’t try new styles and attempt every test the same way, their learning stops very soon. That is why experts suggest their students try paraphrasing for IELTS preparation.

Builds an Expression

Do you know which thing makes an essay, blog content, or any text live or catchy? It’s an expression. Usually, people use fantastic vocabulary; still, their writings look dull, and they don’t get desired bands. The reason? They lack expression. Examiners, checkers, and even ordinary readers don’t relish dull and dead content. They want the articles or other forms of writings to be lively and speak to them.

Building expressions in writing is a complicated process, and many fail in it. However, if you want to learn to develop expression in your content, you need paraphrasing. It will help you get appreciation from checkers in terms of higher bands.

Enhances Overall Writing Skills

After reading the benefits mentioned above, you could realize that paraphrasing practice improves your overall writing skills. When you are equipped with an extraordinary vocabulary, superb writing style, and astonishing expressions, your content or any other piece of writing will only be defined with one word “outstanding.” So, paraphrasing can improve your skills, pass the writing test, and even make you a great writer.

Concluding Remarks

Attempting the IELTS test without preparation is a big mistake that many people make. They just waste their money and get nothing in return. Therefore, roll up your sleeves by practicing paraphrasing and other techniques, and then go for the test. As a result, you will achieve higher bands and get a visa to visit your dream country Read More

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