10 Benefits of Using Parquet Flooring

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10 Benefits of Parquet Flooring

Parquet flooring is an old type of flooring. The style gains its unique appeal from the unique wood patterns, straight edges, and contrasting woods. It gives any room a charming look with a rich history. A wooden parqueted floor gives warmth to the place while at the same time making it seem spacious and well lit. An effect that can be achieved even in smaller spaces like hallways and entryways. Here are ten benefits you get when you lay parquet floors:

1. Attractive Aesthetics

The parquet floor is a great choice for those who wish to give their homes an attractive and classic look. It can be made from either solid or engineered woods, with strips inlaid together at the seams so that it appears as one continuous piece of wood from any angle. Solid wood planks are placed side by side with slight gaps between them to allow airflow under the flooring which keeps you warmer in winter and cooler in summer.

2. Energy Efficiency

Parquet floors have a high R-value meaning they insulate very well against heat transfer both through conduction and convection. With its raised height, it forms a barrier between the cold ground and your feet keeping you warm during winter.

3. Durability 

This type of flooring is long-lasting, with an expected lifespan of over 30 years. Making it a worthwhile investment in your home. It requires very little maintenance too, needing only the occasional clean and polish to keep it looking good for many years.

4. Adaptable Style 

Though parquet floors are often associated with rustic design themes. They can be used to create different looks by using different woods or colors for the planks. Match the style to the rest of your décor or use it as inspiration when you are choosing paint colors or other decor accents for your room. Perhaps even choose contrasting furniture so that you have well-defined zones within one large space!

5. Versatility

Parquet floors can be laid in many different types of rooms, including hallways and entryways. It provides an excellent base to welcome you home at the end of a tiring day! Because it is easy to clean, it makes good sense for use as kitchens or other areas that tend to get dirtier faster. You can choose which type of wood or colors to use so that they complement your cabinets or countertops.

6. Durable       

If you have children or pets at home, parquet flooring is probably the best choice for your needs since it is much more durable than traditional hardwood floors. This means fewer accidents due to falling objects or spills on the floor surface itself. Not only will it look good for longer, but it will also be safer to use!

7. Home Value       

If you are planning on selling your home in the future, parquet floors are one of the aspects that can add value to your property. Many people today consider wood flooring an integral part of any luxurious home – especially when they look gorgeous like this!

 8. High Quality  

This type of flooring is carefully crafted with no waste materials used which means you get a high-quality product each time. If you’ve seen old parquet floors then you’ve seen how attractive and unique they can be making them worth every last cent spent on them! And if not…just wait until your friends see the patterned boards laid out in intricate patterns in your home!

9. Versatile Colors       

This type of flooring looks best when made from solid wood planks or engineered hardwood. But it can also look equally chic when using strips inlaid at the seams. You might want to use contrasting colors so that you have well-defined zones within one large space.

10. Easy Maintenance       

Another advantage is the fact that it doesn’t need to be polished regularly like other types of wooden floors. Sanding and refinishing are only required every ten years or so because the durability of parquet flooring makes it ideal for homes with high humidity levels or where people are often barefoot. You will not need to worry about stains or scratches since they are less noticeable on this type of flooring.

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