Party Token Ideas To Try On A Budget

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When it comes to parties, there are countless ideas to make it more fun. From themes to games, there is so much you can do that makes everyone livelier. In essence, a lively and fun atmosphere is what makes a party memorable. This is why it is important for many hosts to make celebrations special for guests. This is where party tokens come in.

Your catering service provider might help you prepare for tokens to distribute for your party. However, this can cost you more which is not something that is always good for your budget. One of the best ways to work around this is to use your own creative juices and look for fun party token ideas. This can be made possible without spending too much.

At the end of the day, tokens are essentially given to people who spent your special day with you. These are people who took their day off from work and other activities so they can spend it with you. In other words, tokens are given to show gratitude. This also means that it is always the thought that counts and not necessarily the price.

So, what fun party token ideas can you try? Here are some of them:

Engraved Bottle Openers

For a party favor that is useful, look no further than these engraved bottle openers. They’re one of the pricier items you can get. However, knowing your pals will think of your birthday bash every time they crack open a cold one or uncork a bottle of wine is worth the cost.

The engraved details of the bottle openers will also add a touch of sentimentality. The more personalized the token is, the more appreciated it will be for anyone who will receive it.

Mini Succulents

These live succulents make an elegant party favor for any event. The 2-inch pots are wrapped in burlap and tied with twine, then topped with moss to hide the soil. It’s a gift that’s sure to grow on your guests.

Lavender Packs

Hosting a spa party? Your guests will love taking home one of these beautiful cotton sachets, filled with fragrance. You can choose to have them filled with dried lavender, dried rose petals, or a mix of both. They’re great for adding a pleasing smell to a dresser drawer.


Cute and practical—especially if it’s a tropical destination wedding or just an outdoor summer soiree—these mini sunscreens can be customized with the text of your choice and come in four mod patterns. And the attached carabiners ensure your guests will never lose them.

Flip Flops

Per the point of favors that will make your guests’ experience that much more enjoyable, these are great to have on hand. When they want to ditch their fancy shoes and keep hitting the dance floor all night long, these will also come in handy. They’re also a great idea to set out at the entrance to a beach wedding.

Flip flops are always a reliable item to have when traveling or even at home. With this in mind, you can guarantee that your guests will surely make these tokens useful.

Candy Labels

For an affordable, cute, and practical idea, try buying a bulk batch of candy packs, and adding a personal touch to each box with these customized labels. They come with a cheeky pun that’s sure to make guests smile; you just add your names, wedding date, and choose from 16 colors, then stick them on the candy pack.

Freshly Baked Cookies

Cookies are a surefire crowd-pleaser, and happily

Candle Jars

We have yet to meet someone who doesn’t love a good candle, making it another foolproof favor idea. This one comes housed in a mason jar (a cute tie-in for any more rustic affair) and has a 22 to 24 hour burn time. Customize the sticker with your initials and date or wedding hashtag and you’re good to go.

Key Takeaway

The best party tokens are ones that guests will use again or will enjoy at the moment. This is why it is important to think of useful yet creative things to give to your guests. Making them personalized is a cherry on top that makes a perfect gift for your loved ones.

When it comes to budget, you will realize that wise and mindful choices of tokens will outweigh the cost of any item you will give to your loved ones. This makes any party more memorable not only for you but for everyone you got to spend it with.

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