Phenomenal Configuration Tips for the Dlink Smart WiFi Router

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The Dlink Smart WiFi Router provides the dual-band browse on the web and on the other web you can stream your favorite activity. With the four high gain antennas that are powered by amplifiers for wider and better wifi coverage throughout the house. Moreover, you get Gigabit ports to connect up to four wired devices at the same time. It is compiled with 802. 11AC wireless specifications that offer fast blazing speed to increase the range and the wifi connection with the Dlink wifi routers. Also, the router device comes with new and modem MU-MIMO wifi technology that has the power to connect more than ten devices at the same time.

The Dlink wireless router also supports secured and wireless encryption devices. As they use WPA or WPA 2 security protocols that ensure that you get an amazing wifi connection. It also helps to improve streaming quality so that you can connect to many wireless devices at the same time. By using the dlinkrouter.local web address of the Dlink Smart wifi router helps you to make the change into the settings of the router. Along with that, you can also use parental control to restrict unwanted content from the websites.

Configuration Tips for the Dlink Smart WiFi Router

In the configuration tips of the Dlink Smart WiFi Router that uses the web-based configuration utility. In which you can access the configuration utility by using the internet browser such as Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox, or any other. After that enter the default IP address Instead of using the IP address, you can use the URL address of the dlink router. After that choose the admin and then enter the wifi password. After that leave, the password space blanks and enables the graphical authentication code. After that, you can make various changes such as.

Dlink wifi router Internet connection with the setup

After you log into the web user interface, go to the setup option and then click internet and the page will appear. In which you have to click on the internet connection setup wizard to configure the setting. In case you want to enter into the settings that you can also run without establishing the setup wizard. Simply click on the manual internet configuration wizard. Then tap on the Next button to continue the further steps. Then create a new wifi password and then tap on the next to continue the steps. Moreover, you select a time zone from the drop menu list and then select the internet type connection that you want to use. Hence the setup with the internet connection has been completed. Save the settings. It takes only two minutes to connect to the client’s device.

Dlink wifi router and its wireless Settings

In the wireless settings of the dlink wireless router by using the setup wizard. Then click on the Dlink wireless network setup wizard. If you want to add the devices with the Dlink Smart router device then you can use the WPS button method to run the setup wizard of the dlink wifi router. In case, you want to configure the wireless settings manually and then tap on the manual for the wireless network setup.

Network settings of the Dlink wifi router

In this section of the network settings of the Dlink wifi router, you make changes to the local network settings of the router device and configure it with the DHCP settings. You can use the default IP address instead of usingdlinkap.localweb address. Once you enter the IP address and save the applied settings then you have to enter another IP address in your browser to access the web-based configuration utility.

After that enter the subnet mask which is Then enter the local domain name which is an optional step. Then you need to uncheck the box to transfer the information of the DNS server from your computer device. You can also disable the DHCP function of your wifi router.

Enable the Dlink wifi router access control

To enable the access control on the Dlink Smart wifi router. You can use this feature when you want to use parental control. It helps to approve the sites, block, limit the time or date to access the site from the game console, or harmful content websites for the kids. Simply verify to enable the access control and then start policies to start the access control wizard. Once you are done with the settings of the device, set a schedule for the drop-down menu. After doing this, you will be able to create a new schedule for your devices as well. It requires the details of the address type and the IP address of the dlink wifi router Learn More

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