Physical Therapy in Delaware

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Physical therapy in Delaware is regulated by the Board of Physical Therapy. The board is comprised of nine members, who must be residents of Delaware and be nominated by the Governor. The Chapter of the American Physical Therapy Association shall submit a list of professional nominees for the Board. Four of the Board members must be licensed PTs, who practice physical therapy in Delaware. The remaining three members must be consumers, and one must be registered PTA or AT. The board meets every other month and elections are held annually.

The state requires all licensed professionals to earn three continuing education units every two years. This includes Athletic Trainers and Physical Therapist Assistants. The APTA requires these professionals to acquire these credits through their professional associations. For their annual renewal, they must earn at least 60 CEUAR credits. Continuing education requirements mandate that licensed professionals obtain ongoing education in their fields, which advances the profession and helps them meet their objectives more efficiently. The APTA Delaware is the state’s chapter of the American Physical Therapy Association.

This new regulation will be effective beginning July 1. The Board has adopted regulations for the practice of physical therapy in Delaware. Its mission is to set standards and ensure a high standard of service delivery to the public. These regulations govern the profession’s training, licensing, and responsibilities. In the meantime, patients can expect a higher level of care if they work with a qualified and experienced PT. So, now is the time to start working with a PT. And now, you can feel confident knowing that you’re in good hands.

Physical Therapy in Delaware is governed by the Board of Physical Therapy. Continuing education units are awarded for each 10 hours of course that a licensed professional completes. These courses must cover a wide range of health care topics. The Board of Physical Therapy also approves CEUs. A PT can earn CEUs from any state or federal agency that has approved the course. The Examining Board of Delaware recognizes continuing education units that have been approved by another body.

In addition to the Board of Physical Therapy, the board also oversees licensed physicians. The practice act specifies what is considered physical therapy. It covers the tests and measurements of the body. Sports medicine does not qualify as physical therapy. Nevertheless, the APTA is proud that UnitedHealthcare is a member of the State Examining Board of Physical Therapists. There are two other Delaware-based APTA members. The APTA president, Steve Rapposelli, met with Joshua Smith, Sam Sullivan, and a member of the APA at the CSM conference.

The Board of Physical Therapy in Delaware has adopted regulations and policies that govern the profession. The regulations and laws for physical therapy in Delaware are governed by the Division of Professional Regulation. The Board has the final say on the practice of physical therapy. As a result, they can ensure that the profession is safe for patients. Aside from the Board of PTs, the State Board of Professionals also regulates the practice of athletic trainers.

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