Plenum School, The Best Residential School in India

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I have been studying at Plenum School for more than a year, and my experience so far has been very positive. In comparison to other schools in the country, the plenum school, the best residential school in India is very unique. The Plenum school’s main objective is to bring about change. There is a difference between the way this school works and other schools. Cambridge schools have a variety of subjects but all schools don’t give the option to choose from the entire subjects Cambridge board has only those subjects are given for which they have a specify  teacher.

The Plenum School, the best International Boarding School does not do this  if they find the student very motivated and interested in that subject they do not deny the student and  provide them with learning material they need to fully grasp that subject and assign a teacher  for them also . Like In the case of my friend who wants to take travel and tourism as a subject and the school does not have a teacher for this subject. In this case  Other schools could definitely refuse to give that subject to him, but  plenum school t didn’t do that and they gave him everything he needs for studying that subject even hired a subject expert to teach him.

I want to share my one of my own experience in this school. The Plenum School, the best residential school in India is a boarding school where students don’t get phone here like other boarding school but I am interested in E-Sports and phone is my requirement to pursue my passion , if I don’t get the phone my skills would never polish and I will not be able to maintain my performance and position  in tournaments, when I go to home . So I told to the teachers that I need my phone for e-sports as it is my passion. It took a little time for them to understand, but then they finally allowed me to use phone for E-sports for a specific period of time and gave me an opportunity to host a BGMI tournament in the school .

I am very thankful to God for sending me to the Plenum School, the best boarding school in Shimla. My bond with the school is unbreakable. I may go to far off places physically but by I will always live in it. We talk about the issues with the director of the school. Every month, he comes and schedules meetings with each and every student.

I would to say, that the Plenum School, best residential school in India is a dream of every parent and child. We get different kinds of cuisines like Indian, Thai and Chinese to eat. It is very tasty. Sometimes we cook also. On Saturdays we have two classes and then we do activities like movies, paintings, gardening and many more. On Sundays we get our phone for 3 hours. We have parties on the weekends. I think no other school actually offers these kinds of facilities.

This school is actually worthy. We have Asthachal every evening, that is , we mediate every day to connect to the supreme power and cleanse our soul, to understand the power of an individual and how a person can actually change the world. I consider, the time used for meditation is the best time of the day. I really love and promote the Idea of Asthanchal introduced in the daily routine of each and every student.

Aditya Thakhur,

AS level student,

The Plenum School.

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