Possibly The Most Realistic Idea of Replica Wrestling Belts

It’s an extremely difficult name. Perhaps it’s you could call it the “Inter-Gender Tag Team Challenge.” This may lead you to believe that there are only two people on a tag team but that’s not the case. Three members are on the team. Two men and one Diva. This is possibly the most realistic idea I’ve ever come across. I believe it’s an excellent idea. It’s a fantastic idea since this will allow you to keep all the tag team teams which the wwe shop belts is home to, and include some of the Divas. A majority of Divas do not even wrestle but they are able to. The rules of these games? They have two options. They can mix it up in where males wrestle males while the females could be wrestling females.

It could be that everyone wrestles everyone. It is also possible to change the rules based on situation. I can see this substituting any one or the other Tag Team Championships on either show. It’s likely to be happening on RAW however, since there doesn’t seem replica title belt too sufficient readily available Divas on SmackDown as on RAW. If this scenario did happen, I can imagine London, Kendrick, and Ashley fighting Cade, Murdoch, and Julian possibly (for different personalities). When I first thought of the idea long time before it became more profitable. The list could include Carlito, Ric Flair, and Torrie Wilson.

Jeff Hardy, Matt Hardy, Maria (or Ashley) or Ashley. Kenny Dykstra, Johnny Nitro (or John Morrison if John Morrison is his preference) and Melina. This could also be “epic.” However, the word “epic” has lost its meaning in recent time aew belts and is used arbitrarily without regard to its lengthy history. The belt was once a major part of the game and was the initial to be a singles player for many famous athletes like Bret Hart Shawn Michaels, Randy Savage as well as Steve Austin. However, who is the greatest Intercontinental champion of all time? It’s not all about skill regarding their achievements or achievements throughout their lives, it’s about their participation with this Intercontinental Championship. Well, let’s get started.

Chris Jericho Chris Jericho made an outstanding impression during his first appearance on the show by hosting a great segment that featured the Rock However instead of  wwf championship belts building upon the success and establish Chris Jericho as a major actor, they decided to let him shine first. Jericho has proven himself with a variety of fantastic matches for the Intercontinental title especially with co- WWE rookies Chris Benoit and Kurt Angle. However, the matches I watched this morning remind me of the extent to which Jericho has fallen in the race for the Intercontinental title. He has lost. Jericho was awarded won the crown six times however one was shared by Chyna due to their being discovered to have been pinched at the same time.

Greg “The Hammer” Valentine One of those who never made it to the highest level of the WWE However, he’ll engage in some intense battles to win the Intercontinental championships. Valentine has been involved in one the most violent fights in Intercontinental championship history, and it involved Tito Santana. Valentine was awarded the title by Santana. But Santana did the same in a couple of months, in a Steel Cage match, that any fan of the sport ought to see to finish the saga and give Valentine his first Intercontinental title.


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